A Little Blog Tour


Now that I've got a few posts under my belt, I have a better idea of where I want this Blog to go! My thoughts are always all over the place and that might be a bit apparent in my blog. I want to make sure I'm making some sense at least, so here is a little tour...

Under my Banner at the top of the page you will see 8 tabs: A Lost Feather, Sarah:, About This Blog, 100 Things, Places, 52 Weeks, Artwork, Read. The first 3 are self explanatory, so I'll skip ahead..

100 Things: This is a list of 100 things I'd really like to do in my life. I've already crossed out a bunch of them, but each week I'm going to write a post about 1 of the things I've done. Sometimes it will be a post about something I crossed off the list 2 years ago (see here) and sometimes it will be something I just did that weekend (see here!)

Places: Exploring new places is my favorite thing in the world to do. In this category you will find travel-journal-style posts about places I've been or places I can't wait to get to.

52 Weeks: This is a self portrait project- 1 self portrait per week for 1 year. It's quite a challenge, but nothing compared to the 365 self portrait project (I tried once and failed miserably.) The 52 Weeks project is an interesting way to document the year, although my portrait's tend to be pretty out of touch with the reality of my year.. I think its more fun that way!

Artwork: Every week I'll post a little peek into whatever painting/drawing projects I've been working on. Since the jewelry end of my business started picking up, the painting part fell behind a bit, but I'm hoping to start painting a lot more again. I think this or this is my favorite painting that I've done recently.

Read: This is a list of my favorite blogs/websites. Some of them I go to for inspiration, some teach me new things, others have me thinking that maybe I do want to try cooking (I'm awful.) It's also worth noting that my friend, Amanda writes the most hilarious blog I've read, I date, U laugh. A real life Chelsea Handler, this one.

On the left side you'll find links such as twitter and facebook, a "follow" button if you'd like to follow this blog, the labels I use to describe my posts, and the archives. On the right you'll see a little preview of what's in my Etsy Shop and a few photos that make up some of my favorite memories.

That's my blog, in a quick overview.. I hope you like it!
Did I miss anything important?


  1. I love your blog! So glad I found it! I think it's very easy to navigate through...I know setting it up and harnessing your thoughts can be tricky/overwhelming.
    I think the 100 things idea is awesome. I have a list of things I want to do before I'm 30 that I am going to post, but just 100 things in general is a fabulous idea too! May have to work on that....
    Love it!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Renee :)
    I've had my 100 things written down on paper for a while.. actually numerous pieces of paper because I've lost multiple versions! I looove having it in one place and thinking back to the things I've gotten to do is really nice.

    p.s. your blog is adorable, so fun!

  3. I really like the idea of your blog; it's inspiring. I too am an artist and also write weekly goals in my diary which I highlight when completed. People reckon it's 'sad', and maybe it is - I love though : )

  4. Sarah, and anyone else - I have a question. After reading your list of 'to dos' I was intrigued whether you do the travel part alone or with your BF/friends? And secondly, if you were alone and living in a foriegn country (as I am), would you feel the same about hitting the road for the adventures?

  5. hi Alexandre! i pretty much always travel with someone else.. many times with my sister. the only trips i've been on alone have been for work, so i had no choice.
    i do feel comfortable traveling alone here in my own country, but if i were living anywhere else and didn't know the language i would be a bit more hesitant, but i don't think that would stop me. here in the US i've been known to just take off and find new places, but i would probably do a lot more research about where i was headed in a foreign country

  6. Cool, thanks for the reply. I'm in France right now and have explored very little. I visited the USA in around 2003, then also toured the Black Forest in Southern Germany, Sweden and a few other places. Japan is on my list - very sad about their situation right now. Anyway, thanks for the inspiration; I'm going to start exploring more and posting my travel adventures.