100 Things: no. 61


61. Go Rock Climbing: Alexi and Dave took me rock climbing in Connecticut two Aprils ago. It was terrifying, but amazing. (side note- now that I think of it, a great portion of my 100 Things have been/will be completed with Alexi)

Rock climbing is scary if you're afraid of heights. I don't think I'm afraid of heights though. I'm afraid of falling from heights. Is that the same thing?

Other then being very high up (if you're able to climb very high up) it's not scary, but definitely a challenge. For me the hardest part was understanding the wall and knowing where to wedge my fingers and balance my toes. I had to rely on Alexi and Dave to shout up orders.. "there's a tiny crack about a foot from your right and up a little.. put your right hand in it and go." What? I found that if I didn't think about it and just listened to them I was fine. They know what they're talking about.


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