100 Things: no. 15


#15. Camp on the Colorado River: Back in April 2009, Alexi and I flew to Utah and I added a few things to my to-do list that I never even knew I wanted to do. One of our adventures was camping along the Colorado River...

Alexi and I had flown into Salt Lake City and we stayed with her friend Eric who was a wonderful host. He and his friends even made us a "Welcome to Utah" cake that we ate around midnight when we finally arrived. The next morning the 3 of us drove down to Moab, UT where we went hiking and climbing and exploring.

At the end of the day we setup camp and had a wonderful little evening. It was incredible to see the stars out there from the side of the river. With very little light pollution in the surrounding area we could see billions of stars overhead. It was also a bit eerie to walk 5ft away from our tent and not be able to see my hand in front of my face without a headlamp. I've grown up with intense light pollution from Manhattan and Long Island, so complete darkness is scary to me!

We chatted about our lives and our goals, grilled some burgers and ate s'mores.

There was a little storm in the middle of the night so when we woke up we were covered in sand. I don't know exactly how the sand got through the tent, but it did and it was pretty uncomfortable, but we didn't care. We packed up camp, went out to breakfast in the town then set out to explore Arches National Park. I'd go back to Moab in a heartbeat. Utah in general really. Loved it.

(the first photo was taken by Eric)


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