100 Things: no. 8


#8. Donate 10in of my hair: Oh man. This happened yesterday at 1pm. I walked into the salon, Liz put my hair in 4 pony tails, and chop-chop-chop-chop- locks of love gets 11.5 inches of super thick dark brown hair.

I've been wanting to donate my hair for a long time and I finally was patient enough to let it get super long. I loved having long hair, but it was also extremely annoying. It would get tangled so easily and I even broke one of my favorite brushes IN my hair. I hope it's useful and makes someone very happy..


  1. That is so amazing that you donated your hair. I saw your tweets about it! Your hair looks great short too!

    And I completely agree about riding bikes on the beach... that's my favorite part about Hilton Head!

    How's the snow in NY? In PA, it's coming down steadily, but not as bad as up there...

  2. looks great, sarah!! that's a really pretty picture of you. i'm sure your donation will make someone who needs it very, very happy.

  3. Anna- thank you:) people are always mistaking me for about 7 years younger then I really am.. I'm hoping the shorter hair doesn't contribute to that. We'll see! The snow is getting to be miserable haha.. it was fun at first! I was in the city yesterday and the streets and sidewalks are so gross. I think there's another storm coming this week.. loovely. Maybe it would be less awful if shoveling wasn't such a pain. :)

    Marissa- Thanksss! It's so short.. Liz didn't even give me a second to think about when I walked into the salon. She just sat me down and that was it!