coming soon!


I have quite a few projects going right now and I couldn't be more pleased. One thing I've been meaning to do is update my Etsy Shop with new postcards, greeting cards, and other paper goodies! I'm busy photographing all of my new products and I hope to get them up in my shop pretty soon.

Here is a small preview of a floral postcard set.. Peonies, Anemones, Tulips, oh my!

ships in a bottle


Thinking of filling my Etsy Shop with hand-built and painted clay pieces. It's been a few years since I did any hand building, but I really like it! I forgot how much fun it is. This is a piece based on a quick doodle I did the other day. Someone on instagram suggested it would make a cute plate.. so here we are!

surfer chick


If I had a surfboard I'd like to do this. Preferably in some clear blue ocean water with colorful coral and tropical fish. As it happens, I don't own a surfboard, I can't surf, and I'm not in tropical paradise, but I can dream and I can draw.



In the past few years Montauk has transformed from a quiet fishing/ family town into a more popular spot among young people looking for a party (at least during the summer.) I'm a young person and I love a good party, but I also miss the tranquility of old Montauk. When it comes down to it, I'm ok with the changes, especially since I have an interest in seeing the local businesses do well and they certainly are, given the abundance of weekenders.

Complete solace can still be found out east if you're willing to trek a little farther down the beach, rise with the sun, or head out for an adventure on a gloomy day. I'm always willing.



The many faces of Boo Radley. I love this little creature!



I've been drawing flowers like crazy lately. Some are for orders and some are for fun because I just love flowers.

Other than obsessing over flowers, I've been job hunting and working on a makeover for my Etsy Shop. I want it to have more of a wedding focus. I think this idea might have something to do with the fact that soooo many of my friends are getting married these days and many of them have asked me to design or illustrate things for their weddings. Working on these projects for my friends has made me realize that I really like designing for weddings.

Then there's that job hunting thing. While I really like working freelance, I do miss working on a team! I'm ready to get back into a 9-5 (or whatever it might be) job with a commute and co-workers. If I can find a graphic design job that includes illustration I would be so thrilled. Or an illustration job that includes graphic design! I'm not picky.

tiny human


I just got back from a great visit with my best friend and her family.. including their newest addition.. a 9 day old baby girl! She is the sweetest tiny human. I loved getting to know her and I can't wait until she can wear all the adorable outfits she has waiting for her in her closet!
By the way.. I have a new appreciation for newborn photographers. Must be an awesome job.. but sooo difficult!