Blizzard, blizzard, blizzard...


So much snow. This winter has been so snowy! I hear there's another blizzard on the way, too. Oh well, at least it was a sunny weekend and Boo loves playing in the snow.

On Saturday I took the train into Brooklyn to check out some vintage shopping on Bedford St. with my cousin, Kate. Brooklyn is really hard to navigate, at least I think so. Some roads go through and some turn into dead ends then start somewhere else. That said, we got lots of exercise!

Today was a little bit of a lazy Sunday. I did get to photograph a few new items that I've been working on, but I also watched a little too much tv! Oh, I also shoveled out my car (finally) so that was great, but I think it will be snowed in, in a few days anyway. Maybe I can gather up some people to help me build a new igloo. Yes, I'm obsessed.

Hope you had a great weekend, too!


  1. Aww, I love your little dog in the sweater! So cute. I haven't been to New York in so long, and I have a trip coming up. I'm a bit nervous about getting lost!

  2. thanks Kirstin :) He's a sweetie

    you'll be ok! it's mainly brooklyn and queens that are a pain in the neck to navigate. Manhattan is a bit easier.. but it's always helpful to have a smartphone! or an idea of where you're going before you leave.. also helps with subways!