Doesn't Summer start on June 21st?


Well it does, but I think NY is confused. I think summer accidentally started a couple of weeks ago. I don't mind too much..  spring= allergies anyway.

Marissa and I missed the train this morning.. and the train after that.. and the one after that as well. We had planned to go into the city, but I had a dizzy spell as soon as I woke up! Not cool. We kept saying we'd take the next train, but I kept being dizzy so we stayed home and spent the afternoon in the sun. I worked on a couple of paintings while she read and Boo chewed on his stick and took naps in the shade.

I can't get her to diagnose me.. she said she hasn't llleeearrned that yet. She just finished her first year of med school on Friday.. I guess she has a lot to go, but still- 1 year of med school.. and she did well! Pretty awesome. Now diagnose my dizzyness. Rar.

It ended up being a really nice day.. and luckily we remembered to load up on the sunblock.. and cut up some watermelon.. mmm

Here's a little preview of a new series of paintings I started the other day. I added 1.5 to the collection this afternoon. 49.5 more to go! Oh man.. that sounds daunting.

Ok, so tomooorrrow I should be in the city at that JCrew sample sale. I hope there's still some good stuff left. I get anxious about these things.

I should really start writing my posts during the day instead of at 1am. I feel like I'd have a lot more to say and maybe even make more sense and write in correct english. Maybe. I think. No, I would.

Oh! My guest post is up at Gentri's blog now.. it is heeere if you want to see!


  1. Haha oh Sarah...night-owlin' it is the way to beeee! Lol!

    Maybe! My grammar suffers too! :x

    How are you feeling now? Less dizzy? And sister says the same thing. She graduates next year and she still can't diagnose everything. She says the mass of learning and learning you get from experience is so grand that it really takes more life experiences and unfortunately, your own mistakes. : /

    Regardless, they'll both be good doctors and we'll get check ups fo FREE. Lol or something neat haha

    Boo is a sweetie, your sister looks pensive, that sandwich looks like it is already in your large intestine, & I'm confused on what you mean by 49.5 to go? I've never painted before and am not sure what lingo this is! Lol!

    P.S. - sorry for so much writing! Hope all gets better, J.Crew should help!

  2. Yay! Thanks! I wish I had the tools to make my photos look awesome like yours. Haha! Everytime I'm dizzy it's usually because I'm not drinking enough water. Could that be it?? Stress could be a factor to. But I'm no doctor. :) and again, thank you for the sketch and the necklace! I had a great day because they arrived! :)

  3. Pshhh...1am posts are where it's at! Or in my case, 2am. My jokes are funner at that hour at least. I've been getting dizzy when I bike lately...perhaps insomnia is catching up with us both?

  4. Hope you are feeling better now. Dizzyness is always lame, never gets fun does it. Im like Gentri i always get dizzy if i don't drink enough water or don't eat because i'm so busy. Oh p.s. That fruit looks yummy (:

  5. Yes summer is most definitely confused. 100 degress in the beginning of June? No thanks. Hope you're feeling better and get lots of sweet deals at the sample sale!

  6. Im personally loving the NY summer confusion. Days in the pool are awesome. :) AND we're going hiking this weekend at High Tor thanks to your suggestion! Im beyond excited.
    Hope you feel better soon. Ive also been kinda dizzy lately... its the heat/lack of water thats getting me.

  7. you're lucky. it's just barely starting to get warm where I live-- and it's not nearly warm enough!! mmmm that watermelon looks so good, it's making my mouth water!

  8. Just followed you over here from your Guest Post at Gentri Lee. I saw you are going to Yosemite, and that is so exciting. I live in Northern CA - about 3 hours away from there. I would love to live in NY, I bet it is fabulous. Also, I spied a Weenie Dog... I have two of them!!

  9. MMM watermelon!

  10. Oh what a wonderful post! Summer makes me so happy! Your first photos is making me drool!

  11. These are such gorgeous photos!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  12. I love the way you sliced the kiwi over the watermelon slices. I am going to remember that for when I have people over this summer.