Manhattan and Adios


I got the cutest brown leather sandals at the JCrew sample sale yesterday! I don't think they're made for walking though. I made up for that by buying my first pair of bright coral Toms. I'm pretty excited about them. I figure they'll be great for walking around San Francisco (where I will be landing tomorrow afternoon!) I gave my Toms a test drive in Manhattan after my sandals started to annoy me. So far, so good.

^ How not to serve sangria. Silly sister.

We had lunch at "the Coffee Shop" by Union Square. It was so cute and we got to sit outside right on the street, my favorite. I had the lump crab arugula salad with mango, avocado and tomato.. amazing combination, no? Delicious.

Hey! So, I'm leaving tomorrow morning for California for the next few days! Yay! I've lined up some posts by reaaallly fun/funny/awesome/sweet/adorable guest bloggers so get excited!

I'll be back next week and will catch up with all of you then! I haven't been able to do much blog reading this past week.. total booooo and not my dog! Maybe tonight I'll have a little time to catch up if I actually finish packing.. ever. Packing stinks.. but trips do not, so it's fair.

Think of me tomorrow morning/afternoon while I'm in the air panicking for 5 hours because I hate flying. Do you ever look at airplanes in the sky and try to imagine what the passengers are doing? It's so weird to think there are people in those hunks of metal soaring through the sky.
Alright friends, have a really fun week! I'll see ya next Monday!
If Matt let's me use my iPhone during this trip I'll post fun pictures on twitter... @alostfeather 



  1. Woohoo! Have fun on your trip. Goodluck with the packing.

  2. I love these pictures! mmmm Sangria. I want to go to J Crew but I currently have 40 dollars hahaha. I need to get paid ASAP. Have fun on your Cali trip!!! AHH!! =)

  3. I hope you are ready for the CA weather! It has been so hot that the ice packs around Yosemite have been melting quickly and flooding bits of the park. Of course SF has been its characteristically "bring a sweater" weather.

  4. Yay for vacations!! I go to AK in about 9 days! Ah!

  5. Have a safe flight, Sarah! And walk in ergonomic shoes!

    You'll be okay on the plane. I trust planes more than cars usually! I love flying...and it is weird to think about huge tubes of steel and plastic soaring through the sky! :X!!! I'll say a prayer for you. Enjoy your trip and GET PACKING. lol

  6. Yaaay, you're coming to California!! Can't wait to see your San Francisco pictures! :)

    (and I usually nap when I go on airplanes. I get so impatient just sitting there, Lol.) Have a safe trip!

  7. wow, I love toms! bought a pair in london in april, but sadly they are too small :o(( I really hope I'll have money to buy another one soon!
    have a great week!!

  8. Have an amazing trip! Can't wait to see who you've lined up as guest bloggers :)

    Have FUN!
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  9. yaay for toms! I just got my first pair when I was in Seattle & they are so comfy :)
    I cannot wait to see pics from your trip to SF & Yosemite!!! yaaay! Love these NY photos :)

  10. Great news!

    Have fun and have a safe trip! ;)

  11. yayyyy have a great time!! FYI to sarah's blog followers: she and matt landed safely in CA yesterday afternoon!

    p.s. is there a "proper" way to serve sangria when it's in that tiny pitcher?! i didn't want to splash sangria everywhere while attempting to get the fruit out..! haha

  12. Have a blast!!! And welcome to Cali!!! :) I've been looking into getting a pair of Toms color!!! Enjoy enjoy!
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  13. Amazing photos, Your top is really pretty.

  14. So excited for you!! You are seriously going to LOOOOOOOOVE Yosemite!! I can't wait to see pictures!!! xoxo