So Many Cameras, So Little Space


.. in my luggage.

I can't wait to go to California next month. I can't wait (x500 million!) I'm so excited to explore San Francisco and hike all over Yosemite. I also can't wait to photograph the heck out of everything.

I was thinking about how many cameras I would bring with me and Matt thought I was crazy. "You just need one." One?! That's like telling a painter they can only use one color.
No, no. I at least need 3. And that's the bare necessities.

Kodak Cine 8 Circa 1940 - Kodak Duaflex II Circa 1950 - Kodak Instamatic 134 Circa 1968 - Canon T70 Circa 1974
I'm going to go with my Canon Rebel, Canon Powershot D10 and Fuji Instax Mini. I suppose the iPhone is like camera #4, but that's ok.. I would bring that anyway even if it didn't have a camera. Actually, I probably wouldn't own it if it didn't have an awesome camera feature, but that's besides the matter.

This is my logic: The Rebel I'll use in San Francisco and all over Yosemite when we are not hiking. The D10 I'll use while hiking/ rock climbing because it is a beast and I won't break it if I trip or fall off  a rock face. (I'm just saying, but lets seriously hope that does not happen.) The Instax Mini, I mean, do I need a reason? The photos are so cute.

Canon Rebel (+Photoshop) for "serious" photos:  (ha)
Arches National Park, UT
Self Portrait, 2008

Canon Powershot D10 (+Photoshop) for adventurous and fun photos:
Matt on Breakneck Ridge
Marissa and I at the "Catching Hell" Premier After Party

Fuji Instax Mini for awesome tiny, cute photos:
Sarah - Alexi down by the pond in CT

I would really like to bring my Canon T70 because I'm trying to get myself back into shooting film, but I don't know if I'll be able to swing it. We'll see.. I'm not especially good at packing light, but if I have room maybe he will come along..

Canon T70 for 35mm film practice!:
My Dad at Point Look Out Beach, NY
Sunset at Long Beach, NY
So, I'm sure some of you think I'm insane, but I also know that some of you are on this page with me. How many cameras do you usually travel with? And are you counting the days until a special trip? I want to press the fast forward button to CA. (but then again, time is going so fast as it is.)

(I may have just called my sister to ask her if it's "then" or "than" in "but then again." I can never keep those straight.)

P.S. Happy Cinco De Mayo! I tried and tried to find one of my photos of a margarita, but I failed.


  1. Sounds like you have it all planned out! There are some stunning pics there.
    I'm having the same issue with when I go to India - there will be ridiculous amounts of things to take photos of, but it's hard to take lots of cameras when you're backpacking (oh and you're in a third world country and don't want anything to get stolen!!!) How long until you leave?

    Carla xx.

  2. hahaha! I love it. :) I wish I was that talented in photography, but alas, I am just barely getting into it and only on ONE point and shoot. haha! One day I'll have that talent and the tools to expand it! You are an awesome photographer! I love all of those pics! (especially the utah one! haha!)

  3. oh man, i am the same way! kudos to you for just choosing three, i can only handle going down to four cameras or friends and family tease me for packing so many, but in the end, i have the coolest photos from the trip :) haha.

    hope you have a great time! can't wait to see your photos.

  4. I like having one digital camera and one film camera with me. Any more than that, and I find myself not taking pictures. I spend too much time deciding on a camera.

  5. I love how you really know photography!! I wish I knew what was what with cameras! I only have a digital one and it doesn't always give me the pictures I want :(

    I do hope you have an "egg salad" a.k.a -excellentt! time on your trip! :D I really like the Rebel and Instax Mini! Those tiny pics are adorable :)

  6. If I had more then one camera I would have a hard time deciding what to bring along. However I have a hard time with making sure I want to have certain lenses!! Saving up for a new lens right now!! :-) Enjoy your trip!! Thinking of you and can't wait to see what you come up with!!

  7. What a unique problem you have there. :) hehehe I'd love to have your problem. I love the Canon Rebel photos. Absolutely stunning. Enjoy!

  8. When I went to Cuba in December I could not decide which cameras to bring and my step mom said "You only need one camera."

    So I did...and totally regretted it. BARE MINIMUM is two for me from now on. Although I did get some awesome shots with the one little camera I brought.

  9. I usually take 2 cameras =)

    Oh boy you're going to have a lot of fun at Yosemite! I went there 2 years ago....It is beautiful! Enjoy Cali =)
    By the Way it's very sunny and hot! But you never know how the weather may be next month...hehehee

  10. i usually take my one and only camera... and if you're along for the trip, i don't have to take any because i know you will be the better photographer anyway!! :)

  11. I always pack a couple cameras.. and lenses. I usually have one whole bag full of that stuff.

    And I have the Fuji Instax Mini as well, and it is one of my favorite cameras of all time. Cause, as you said, they are just. so. cute.

    ((gather good tips for me while you're there.. I'm going at the end of July))

  12. wah I"m jealous of how skilled you are at photography. These are all such pretty shots!! I"m sure that whatever cameras you bring will lead to awesome pictures. And I hope you have a wonderful trip! =)

  13. I always have this issue!! Especially since I use my professional camera for my business, I hate to just drag it around with me everywhere....thats why I need a backup!! Haha! I feel your pain, but whatever ones you choose, you'll have fabulous photos and memories. And you're right, the Iphone totally counts. Half the time I use that instead of my little powershot. :)

  14. I love that! I don't go anywhere without my camera :-) So I completely understand.
    The photos you take are so lovely... I just cannot wait to see this trips photos!
    Hope you have an incredible time... I love hearing about things because I've never been to these places so it's like you're my tour guide :-)

    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  15. I understand your dilemma. Is it every possible to bring less than 3 camera's on a trip? Like you said, bare necessities ;)

  16. Thank you for following! And thank you for let me discover your blog, just fabulous!

    If I could I should bring so many cameras when traveling, I understand you totally! ..but with the weight/luggage/flying restrictions these days I usually stick to my dslr.. and the iphone! :)

  17. Wow, I am jealous of your camera collection. I have um, one. So that's all I travel with. I have recently discovered that I like photography so I plan on amassing an awesome collection as well. And that Instax is stinkin' adorable.

  18. I usually travel with my DSRL and my film camera (but if I had a bigger collection like you, I would definitely take more than 2!)

    I'm also going to San Francisco! But I'm still doing some research to figure out when is the best time to go (so me and my boyfriend don't get so much traffic!) We're driving, you guys are lucky you get to fly in :)

  19. Gosh, I've got a lot of cameras, too! I think I have around 5 or 6. 7, if you count my mom's point and shoot that I take all the time, haha.

  20. I have to confess that I only ever travel with my Canon DSLR, but I'm desperate to start using film this year! Your film shots are so inspiring and I LOVE that self-portrait of you from 2008. I know what you mean about feeling obliged to use your "fanciest" camera for "serious" shots :P
    Can't wait to see what you come up with! xx

  21. Haha, Wow. I can relate ONE-HUNDRED percent with this! I do exactly the same, have the digital slr, the point and shoot and either the polaroid, holga, or slr film camera... for all the same reasons!

    Your trip sounds fabulous though! I can hardly wait to hear all about it!

  22. no wonder your photos are amazing I only have one canon and photoshop... working with a lot less. have fun in california! color me jealous

  23. The more cameras, the merrier, right? If I had any good cameras, I think I would be able to understand better, haha. (: No matter how many cameras you bring, the photos and trip will be amazing.

    Find me at Just Take a Bow.

  24. YEAH California! ;)

    I've been dying to go up to San Fran for a while. My plan is sometime this summer. Fingers crossed. You will have SO much fun!

  25. California?! Awesome! And wow, I had no idea there so many different types of cameras out there, taking different types of pictures :O I feel ashamed, hehe. I only have one camera, a Sony Cybershot. But then again, you are an AWESOME photographer!
    Oh btw, I gave you an award on my blog because you're an awesome blogger as well :) You can see it here:

  26. clearly he doesn't understand! i love the fujifilm instax most (:

  27. 35 mm is so much fun :)

    I have my old camera, but admit that I don't use it nearly as often as I should/could. Because I'm so used to the instantaneous nature of digital. And the fact that you don't need to go get prints done/do them yourself. But the results are so nice.

    Ha. As a designer/artist, you can do interesting things with only one color ;) Graphic designers are often limited to one or two colors... But that's besides the point. I'm not being a wise-arse, I swear. Hope your trip is lovely.

    <3 Lea

  28. ugh I loooove the self portrait 2008 picture. so simple yet amazing:)

  29. i just hopped over here from Carla's site and I had to say- beautiful beautiful photography! love the self portrait. gorgeous shadow photograph.

  30. Haha i know what you mean!
    I also take 3 cameras with me!

  31. I love your photos!...I wish I had even one of these cameras..great shots really


  32. you are talented girl. i can see by farrrr!
    lovely blog.