Things of Note


I saw this photo a while ago and thought it was so pretty. I finally got around to making my own, but I'll most likely do a reshoot one day. Still lifes are pretty tough for me. Hm, maybe I should practice more still lifes. For now, here are a few of the things I possess that mean the most to me:

Elephant & Family of Deer: These belonged to my Grandma McCay. She always had them displayed in a little circle like that. She said it was for good luck.
Sagitarius Pendant: Grandma Barbour's pendant.  I wear this necklace all the time.
Ducks: This was a gift from my dad when I was little. It's a box shaped like a duck with little duckie earrings and a necklace inside.
America- National Parks Book: A beautiful Christmas gift from Matthew. I stay up late reading about all the national parks and planning in my mind when I'll be able to see them all.
Note From My Sister: Marissa wrote me this little note at some point during our childhood. I found it in a drawer recently. Funny the things you end up finding again.
Turtle Tray: I fell in love with this little tray when I was really little. It belonged to someone that worked with my dad and I found it when I went to work with him one day. I didn't steal it! She let me have it.. I still looove it.
Rings: Can't really see the detail on these, but one was a christening gift and it has a tiny gold heart. The other was a gift to my mom from her father- a tiny, tiny emerald from Colombia. I wear these pretty much ever day.
Photograph of My Grandma (1940): My Grandma was a babe!
My First Polaroid: 1999- I took this photo and then decided that I wanted to be a photographer. I was 14 years old.

In other news, my nails may or may not be bright neon yellow. Boo and I may have been snacking and laying around all evening (snacking: me, laying around: Boo.) I might be waiting up for Marissa to get home from Manhattan- I feel like my mom. I want to make sure she gets home safe, but her train doesn't leave the city until 2:53am. Booooo weekend train schedule.

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  1. awww this is so cute! I like how each item has a sentimental story to it.

  2. the turtle tray is AWESOME!!

  3. ahhhhh I love obnoxiously bright nails!!
    cute post :)

  4. I've seen that photo before and I always loved the way it looked, too. You did a great job recreating the idea but making it your own. (:

    Your blog is cute--I just found it today. We have the same name, so I knew I'd like you. I'm off to go browse your archives, now.

    Find me at Just Take a Bow.

  5. this is one of the coolest photos i've ever seen.

  6. very nice!! don't remember writing that note, but still mean everything i wrote in it!

    oh and i'm with mom and she seems to think that was her turtle tray, surprise surprise... she may be confused

  7. What a cool the nostalgia and memories behind each piece! That turtle tray is adorable :)

  8. Nice pic!

  9. It's so wonderful you have these treasures to remind you of your family :)

    P.S. - Love your first polaroid!!

  10. What a beautiful photograph! And such wonderful items you chose, true treasures! I feel inspired to shoot my own version of this photo now. Thanks for sharing :)


  11. How beautiful :) this inspired me :) x