Help Japan


I'm sure you are all well aware of what is going on in Japan, but I wanted to express my own sadness. I just can't believe the devastation.

Having worked for a Japanese company up until this past summer, I got to meet many Japanese who live and work here in NY and back in Japan. The Japanese Canon offices are in Tokyo and I was relieved to hear that the people in those offices are safe. Many of the employees had to make very long journeys to get home due to the lack of train service and damaged roads. My friend's former manager drove 10 hours to get home while his normal commute is only 1 hour.

From what I've learned from them, the Japanese are a very strong people. Many of my coworkers were/are on assignment in NY from Tokyo. Typically, an employee would pick up from their life in Japan on Thursday or Friday, fly across the world, move into a new house, get a car, and start work on Monday morning. Can you imagine? They do it without a complaint, too.

Although these people are so strong and brave, they still need us. Here are 7 ways you can help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

As time passes, I hope that the country, with the help of the world, is able to pick up the pieces. For now, lets help them in any way we can.


  1. It is so hard being in Taiwan when all we want to do is be in Japan helping the people we know & love. The area where the earthquake hit is where John used to live!!

  2. Oh my gosh Caristy, Alexi told me that you and John had lived in Sendai. I can't even imagine. It must be so devastating to see the news. I'm glad you're safe in Taiwan.

  3. There is not so much to say, it is so sad and the only positive thing I can see is I'm glad that something like the internet makes people feel more connected and personally touched and will hopefully help to have everybody help wit all their means!

    on a lighter topic, I just found your blog and I love it, it's very sweet! If you start backpacking through Europe, do come to Switzerland, and I can make sure you get your bikeride off the list! ;o)

    love xx

  4. It's horrific! I have a friend in Tokyo and he was terrified!
    It's just unbelievable how strong and calm these people are... the world really needs to learn how to deal with panic like they do.

  5. Well I didn't live in Sendai but I know people! So we are continuing to pray for the safety of those we love over there!!