A Change of Heart


If you've been reading my blog- A. I love you and B. you may have noticed that I write a lot about hiking. I love hiking. I love hiking so much. It's my favorite thing in the world to do along with art. If I could hike around the world making art I would be in heaven.

One thing you might not know is that I didn't always love hiking. Truth. I actually hated it. I couldn't be bothered with the outdoors. And camping? Forget it, I'd have rather done just about anything than sleep in a tent. Please.

This first image on the right is an example of me trying to "hike" some sand dunes on the beach. Talking on the phone, camera in hand, looking nervous, sweatshirt over what looks like a dress, and flip flops. The second image is also me- after the transformation.

One summer morning in 2008 I woke up and I wanted to go hiking. I drove down to Barnes and Noble and purchased 3 books about hiking in NY. The next weekend I was 1.5hrs north with Niki looking for a trail. Unfortunately, I didn't buy any maps that day, but I learned my lesson there.

I'm pretty sure this change of heart was prompted by a trip to the Grand Canyon in March of 2008. I hiked about 8 flat miles around part of the rim of the canyon and I was sold on the outdoors. How could I not be? It was the Grand Canyon!

As an artist I found that nature provided a lot of inspiration and I knew I'd be happy chasing that inspiration around the country. (Around the world, too, I hope.)

Dear Grand Canyon, 
Thank you for opening my eyes.
Love, Sarah


  1. I so know what you mean! I'm still not sold on camping but after seeing the Rockies for the first time last year I was like I want to be there, and in May I will! Yay hiking!

  2. I had a similar transformation! After I traveled cross-country, I couldn't get enough of the outdoors! oh, and the Grand Canyon is spectacular.

  3. You certainly are making me think about it.
    I hiked in the Swiss Alps in August and that was amazing!
    I must look into it here in South Africa :)

  4. Hiking and camping are amazing!! I never really used to like it because of the bugs, but i learned to get over that little fact, and now its something i want to do almost everyday!

  5. My Mum always took me hiking, so I hated it for the longest time. But now, once a week or more you'll find me in the hills.

  6. Depending on the hike & where I like to hike!!

  7. Ive never been a hiker but I do like to meander. I love wandering around outside. This past december me and my friend went to canmore (near banff) and we drove up to this awesome view and she didnt even get out of the car. So I walked around by myself! Anyways...sometimes my comments get out of control! haha