Dinner in the City


Over the weekend Matt and I went to dinner in Manhattan. We'd been talking about this specific dinner since Christmas (how is it the middle of March already?) We're in the city every few weeks, but it's usually for some sort of celebration or happy hour, or sometimes just to get to the other side. Ha, like the chicken that crossed the road.

We had reservations at Persephone in Midtown. If you like Greek/ Mediterranean food and are looking for a fancy restaurant with fair, but not cheap prices, I recommend it. It was so cute and the food was awesome. We also got the best table in the house. I love little quiet corner tables.

After dinner we were both extremely full. I guess that's what we get for ordering 2 appetizers before our delicious meals. We had about an hour before the next train so we decided to walk off some of the dinner. We ended up walking all 26 blocks back to Penn Station.

It was a really nice walk down 5th Ave. We passed all of the really nice (read: mad expensive) shopping like Bergdorf Goodman and Harry Winston. We also saw the crazy Apple store that's made of glass and we got a great view of the Empire State Building.

After reading several posts from fellow bloggers about New York City and how people from around the world dream of visiting, I decided that I really need to stop taking my proximity to the city for granted. I never look up when I walk down the streets of Manhattan. I don't even look to the side to see what shops and pretty storefronts I'm passing, unless I'm looking for something specific. On our walk from Persephone we made it a point to look around us and yes, NYC is as great as they say it is.

Oh and here is a picture of what Tiffany's looks like after they close at night: (They are not messing around!)


  1. Hehe! You are exceptionally lucky to live so close.
    It is a major DREAM of mine to visit New York - hell, even to live there!

    Please do more photo's - it's amazing to see!
    Wow - Tiffany's means business! Hahahahaha

  2. I think Id be a little scared of New York. I cant even comprehend its size. I have been to London but I feel like it is a bit less intimidating because of the lack of sky scrapers. Maybe it's just me?! haha


  3. Oh I love NYC! Haven't been there since November 2008, but can't wait to go back!! You are so lucky to live so close!

  4. Wow they really aren't messing around! Can't say that I blame them. New York Fasion Week is on the 30 before 30...can't wait to make it happen!

  5. Oh my this looks and sounded so amazing! I want to go back some day really soon! LOVE the city!

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  6. Lucky gal! Since I was a kid I've always dreamed of living in New York City! I've visited several times... even lived in a friend's rundown mouse hole apartment in Brooklyn for a week, and I somehow still romanticize the city being my dream home.

  7. ahhhh im dying to go to NY!!!!! that sounds so dreamy :0)

  8. that's insane! i'll have to do more night time exploring when i visit again.