100 Things: no. 11


#11. Sell a piece of artwork: It's funny, when I made this goal for myself I didn't know that I would soon be making my living off of selling my artwork.. and thank goodness for that!

I opened my Etsy Shop in the middle of June 2010. I sold my first custom painting (a portrait of a cat) in July and I was so excited! The sale was to a friend I'd met through work, but it was still a huge surprise. I couldn't wait to get started, but I was also a little nervous as this was my very first commissioned painting and I wanted it to be awesome.

Photo vs. Acrylic Painting (on 12x24in canvas)
I was so thrilled/relieved when I received positive feedback about the final piece. It was not an easy painting for me, but I worked really hard on it and I'm happy with the way it came out.

To me, art is like a math problem, or a puzzle. I know there is a way to represent anything with a paint brush, its just a matter of finding the right solution.


  1. I love how you handled the background of the painting. The simple lights and raindrops are lovely. Much better than the background in the picture.

  2. 1. that's a super awesome painting.
    2. that's a super ugly cat.

  3. I am so glad that you made this painting (even though I do agree with Clara- not the cutest cat around).

    It was the beginning of such a wonderful thing...quitting the evil job, starting your own business...ahh I'm so proud.

  4. Good job!! So exciting to have your work sell!

  5. that painting is lovely! I love the red and yellow lights. Good luck with selling your artwork! :D

  6. Once again it is so awesome that you get to do exactly what you want to do for a living and live your dream. Also...Ummm..is that a hairless cat????

  7. So I was just browsing through my blogger thingy not intending to comment tonight as it is pretty late and then i saw a hairless cat...wearing clothes...being driven around... how can I not click on it and come see!!