Just some old photos that I found..

Tonight really felt like a brisk fall night. I had to wear a jacket.. and I had to zipper it. It was hot and humid this morning, so I'm pretty confused. I hope I don't get sick.. whenever the weather changes like that I get sick.

I'm just being a baby- it's definitely over 50 degrees. I went to school in Rochester- upstate NY- where people would go outside in shorts and flip flops as soon as it hit 32 degrees. 32 felt warm because it would get down to negative numbers during the winter.. and it would stay down there for months. Months I tell you. On top of it being well below freezing the sun would disappear for the season and snow would fall every. single. day. of winter. and fall and spring for that matter.

I don't really know how I got started talking about Rochester, but that's ok. I guess I thought of it because it's funny how cold 50 degrees feels right now when 4 years ago I would think 50 degrees was a gorgeous summer day.

Funny how that happens..


  1. oh i could almost feel the crisp fall air in that ny one! these are beautiful!

  2. the photo of the horses is so gorgeous! yes, yes, yesterday was 58 here and I was near freezing.

  3. Love these pictures!
    And I SO know what you mean about the weather. I moved from California to Vermont, and every Christmas when I go home, everyone's shocked that I'm in a T-shirt, while they're digging out their sweatshirts. It's weird how we adjust differently to temperatures.
    I hope you DON'T get sick and that you have a fabulous weekend.

  4. beautiful! love the one of you and boo with the city in the background! and i agree, 50 degrees was pretty much summer weather as well!
    xo TJ

  5. It is's all relative really :-)
    The photos, as always are just gorgeous!
    Happy Weekend honey
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  6. Oh I wish it was 50 here! 50 with the sun out is my type of perfect day!

    Janette, the Jongleur

    PS LOVEEE the pictures btw!

  7. WOW- so beautiful!! love the pale blue tones in so many of these... so calming

  8. Hello. :D That picture of the sky and the one of the mountains are particularly beautiful~.

    Two years ago, I moved from Vermont to Florida, and I miss Vermont CONSTANTLY. I lived by the Massachusetts border, though, and it's warmer in that area than it is in other places in New England and New York, that's for sure~. Nevertheless, I'm always boiling down here. I miss having seasons other than summer and chilly-summer. :/

  9. Love that one of the bridge and the NY skyline with the sunset. I know I always say this but I love your creative skills!

  10. girl, never say "just" when referring to photos that are so out of this world as these are! looks like a bunch of sweet times and i'm always happy to enjoy a good re-cap. i remember when i used to live in Toronto and the winters there were brutal, then i'd come home to Vancouver for visits and practically do that thing of not even wearing a jacket while friends would be aghast. now when winter comes i'm bundled to high heaven, funny how fast we acclimatize to our surroundings. i hear that! ♥

  11. oh wow i really love the lighting & colour in these shots !

  12. What beautiful photos!