A Lost Feather at Thistle and Clover


I got some very exciting news yesterday!

This coming season you will be able to find select designs from "A Lost Feather" in the adorable Brooklyn-based boutique, Thistle and Clover. (Oh my goodness I am so excited!)

I am completely honored to be included in such a gorgeously curated shop and I'm looking forward to working with the owners, Camilla and Rand. They are really sweet and I am in awe of the amazing place they've created.

When I wrote about my meeting at T&C I included a few photos of my presentation- pretty packaging in my mom's old wooden painter's box, and a preview of my Fall 2011 Look Book. I made a little film of the pages so you can have a look.. I really need to start taking advantage of the fact that one of my best friends has a degree in film and animation (You got that Niki?)

I can't wait to share more as this all progresses.

p.s. so, uh.. did you guys feel the earthquake yesterday? definitely thought I was losing it, but the house shook. yup. I didn't even know Virginia got earthquakes and I didn't know we'd be able to feel them all the way up in NY and even CT and further north!


  1. Woohoo!! Congratulations! I'm sure it will go great guns and your work will be in huge demand in no time. Well done!

  2. I love that little book you put together. The presentation is excellent.

    And as a Californian, I thought all the hubbub around the earthquake was a bit silly. It didn't sound like anyone got hurt. (which is good)

  3. Wow,the way you showing these fantastic necklaces ,so brilliant..really enjoy that,one day I am gonna to learn that too.Wishes for your job,bet you'll have good time there...

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! So absolutely thrilled for you and so proud of you too!

    Yikes...take care with the earthquakes. Scary!
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  5. Eek!! Congrats times a hundred!!!!

    Also, thanks for the photo tutorial. I really need to figure out my camera first off though...

  6. Yay! How exciting! I'm so happy for you!

    I love the little animation of your look book! And that last necklace is so pretty. I love all the wolf and deer-themed things you make :)

  7. you're amazing girl! congrats!


  8. Oh my goodness ... this is amazing! I am over the moon excited for you and your amazing jewelry :)

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  9. i can't stop watching you flip through that book...just awesome! and CONGRATS!

  10. Yay Sarah!!! So proud of you! I just knew your unique jewelery would get attention it deserved. You've also inspired me to start a project I've toying with... it's time to go strong or go home hu? JB.


  11. Congratulations!! This is so great!

  12. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you!! :)

    And yup, we felt the earthquake here in Pittsburgh too!

  13. Ahh big congrats, Sarah! This is such good news! :)

    I also felt the earthquake in PA! It was like...."am I hallucinating?!" LOL pretty crazy!

  14. i am so happy for you! i will totally go to fort greene to check out your collection! how amazingly exciting! brooklyn is where it's at!
    ps...love olea, went a few months ago...
    let us know when the collection is on the shelves!


  15. Told 'ya! ;]

    (this is @ataviststrilogy)


  16. congrats! i am so happy for you!!! I need to visit that shop! And your lookbook is fantastic! :) -Lo