Try it Out: 1 Masterpiece, 2 Images


(This Tutorial requires Photoshop- get a free 30 day trial from!)

A  +  B    = C (or AB, I don't know, I was never good at math.)
How many times have you held up the camera, aimed it at yourself with your friend/bf/gf/brother/sister(.. you get the idea) crouching next to you and snapped a little memory? I do it all the time, but sometimes I want a photo that's a bit more than just a quick snapshot. Therefore, asking a friendly passerby might not work- unless you are comfortable explaining your entire vision and the passerby is super patient.

I have a tripod, but I don't always have all the time in the world to setup and (depending on the location) clear the crowds out of my way. In order to get the shot I want I've been using this method of taking 2 photos (1 taken by you and the other taken by your partner in crime) and combining them in Photoshop. Here is how I do it:

Out in the field  (Aka wherever you are with your camera!)

1. Positioning: Position your friend in the spot you want them and take the shot. Before either of you move, mark your spot with a stick or purse- anything really. Mark their spot as well.

2. Switch spots: Your friend should now be behind the camera standing in the exact same spot that you'd been. You should stand either a step to the right or left of where your friend had been standing.

Easy right? If you're using a digital camera you can scroll through the shots to make sure your shots line up well enough. They don't need to be perfect.

On your Computer in Photoshop:

3. Open both photos in Photoshop:

4. Copy/Paste/Opacity: Copy Image B and Paste it onto Image A. Reduce the opacity of Image B to 50% so you can see hints of both images.

5. Move Image B: Using the "Move Tool," move Image B to exactly where you want it- to a spot that makes sense. Don't worry that the background might not match up perfectly.

6. Select/Inverse/Delete: Using the selection tool ("rectangular marquee tool") tool, make a little square around the person in Image B. Now go to "select" > "Inverse" and then press "delete." This will delete the entire Image B except for the person and a little space around them.

7. Erase: First, bring the "opacity" of Image B back up to 100%. Select the "Eraser tool" and reduce the "size" so that it's small enough, like a real pencil eraser or smaller. Reduce the "hardness" to around 70%. Zoom in so you have a good view of your workspace. Proceed to erase the extra background so that you're left with the person. Don't worry about making exact lines, since the person in image A and in B were photographed in the same place, the background colors will likely mesh well even if the 2 backgrounds don't match completely.

8. Flatten: When you're happy with your erasing job, flatten the image into 1 image. "Layer" > " Flatten image." That's it!

Now you can edit your image like you normally would if you like. I hope this was helpful! If you have any questions please feel free to ask either in the comments or through e-mail (

Some other examples:

Let me know if you try it out! I'd love to see!


  1. What an awesome idea! Great tutorial as well... and the pictures all came out so beautiful :)

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  3. That's awesome, I will definitely try this! Thanks Sarah for the tutorial!

  4. Such a cool tutorial, thanks for sharing! I recently got Photoshop elements (couldn't afford the big deal right now) and am VERY SLOWLY learning, so this was right up my alley.

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  8. Love doing this .. do it all the time.
    Although oddly, never of making it so to people end up in a photo together.

    I use it to make 2+ of the same person:


  9. Great, great photos, and such an awesome tutorial! I'm going to have to try this!

  10. Bah that is amazing! I am sooo terrible at the one armed try to take a self pic of friend and myself. This could save a lot of random people from taking pictures of me :)

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  13. Wow you are a genius!! Thanks for sharing this. It will be great when we find it's just the two of us somewhere with no one to take our picture! x

  14. Oooh. Fantastic. I took a photography course last year and we did the very basics in Photoshop. I might have to take advantage of the free trial and give this a go. Nothing better than easy to follow instructions.

    The photos are all fantastic, it's such a great diea.

  15. This is a great tutorial! I always want better pictures of Alex and I, out and about. This would be perfect!

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    Carla xx.

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