Flat Iron, Ramen, & Wandering


Hiking in the mountains didn't happen this weekend, but 4 hours of briskly strolling through Manhattan did, so I think I'll count this as my 3rd week in a row of hiking.

Matt and I grabbed bacon, egg & cheese sandwiches and caught the train into the city on Saturday morning. Delicious, although I have to remember in the future that if I'm going to have a large breakfast on the train I better sit in a car that's going forwards. Backwards= not so much fun.

We walked the 15+ blocks down to an outdoorsy type store called Paragon so Matt could pick up some gear for our trip to Yosemite in 2 weeks. (YAY!) We both had to resist the backpack section because we both love packs. On our way to Paragon we passed the Flat Iron Building.. actually, we passed the Flat Iron Building about 5 times, which means I took at least 5 pictures of the Flat Iron Building.

After Paragon we continued down towards Ippudo, a Japanese ramen restaurant that Matt's been wanting to go to since forever and I've been wanting to go to since he told me it existed. It was delicious. We ordered the pork buns and a bowl of ramen each. I had the miso ramen. I wish I had more right now.

Next time you're in Manhattan go to Ippudo. It is sooo good. But goodness- go for lunch. The dinner wait time can be 3 hours long and they do not take reservations. We had to wait 20 minutes around 12:30pm on a Saturday- not bad.

Also, be prepared to eat with chopsticks only. I personally love this challenge because I used to work for a Japanese company and I learned how to use chopsticks at a business luncheon from a large authentic German man who learned how to use them in the jungles of Singapore. Yup.

(but really, eating ramen noodles with chopsticks is kinda tricky and I usually wait to see how Matt does it before I dig in. He's a pro.)

No, I wasn't this hungry on Saturday.. I did not have Ippudo AND Shake Shack. I just felt the need to document the fact that we walked through Madison Park and did not get Shake Shack. That's ok though.. Shake Shack is also located in CitiField.. and where was I on Sunday? That's right.. a Met's Game at CitiField.. muhahaha.


  1. Man, that food looks soooo good! No wonder they have a 3hr wait for dinner, although I think I would pass out if I had to wait that long haha have to bring snacks or something! xx

  2. sounds like such a fun time! mmm, that food looks so good...maybe i can convince my boyfriend to go into manhattan sometime! :)

  3. What an awesome way to learn how to use chopsticks! I'm dying to know more about that story! :-)

  4. Oh my gosh, I love NY, I can't wait to go back the first chance I get! And The FLat Iron has always left me in awe. It's amazing architecture!

  5. What an awesome weekend! :D I am trying to figure out how that flat iron building works. SO crazy!

  6. What a fun weekend! And make sure you do sit the same way the train is moving haha. Weirds me out if I don't. And I LOOOOVE JAPANESE FOOD! I went to Japan for 2 weeks and it was AMazinggg...I'm sure that restaurant is legit! Have a good day!

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  7. Wow, I have never seen the flat Iron building...is there anything in it? I love noodles and the pork buns look so perfect!

  8. wow sounds like you and matt had a really fun weekend!! i think i'd be really bad at using chopsticks... but would be fun to learn.

    shake shack's ma faveeee even if i was over-the-top full i'd make room for a milkshake... hahaha

  9. Great pictures!

    YOSEMITE? I'm jealous! You will have a blast!


  10. that food looks delicious! i must come out to NYC and see all these amazing things!


  11. Okay...please know: my mouth is watering. Big time. So many yummies in one fabulous post! Gosh!! I am seriously intrigued by this Shake Shack you speak of....I love me a GOOD MILKSHAKE. :D

    Glad to see you had a glorious time in the big city. :) Happy week ahead, friend! :)

  12. That first shot is gorgeous! I always love hearing about your trips into NYC...it's one of my favorite places. I'm staying with friends in Brooklyn for a week at the end of June and would love to meet for coffee or ramen, talk blogging and photos and rochester if you're in town! Msg me if you have any interest and will be there June 19-24th. :) Or maybe that's when your trip out west is!

  13. I loveee that last photo! And it sounds like you had a fun weekend. Now I'm craving a milkshake, of course... :)

  14. wow that photo of the flat iron building is amazzzzing! looks like a fun weekend!

    House of Shoes

  15. Hahahaha ohhh food....how I love you so much. AND ahhh I see Shake Shack in moviesss lol!

    Btw I love using chopsticks. :) I enjoy testing myself by picking up small things with it xD

  16. You have a beautiful blog :)

    The Flower Girl