Buy Me Some Peanuts & ShakeShack


I love going to baseball games. A summer isn't quite complete without enjoying an $8 beer at a ball game. Goodness. Why are things so expensive at baseball games? I'm surprised they don't charge entry fees to the restrooms.

Anyway. I really do like going, but I think it's way easier to understand what's going on when it's on tv. When I'm sitting in the stadium there is too much to marvel over besides just the game. My friend Rose and I were particularly intrigued by the airplanes flying over the field ever other minute. LaGuardia airport is just a few miles from CitiField, so the planes fly super low over the stadium. There are also pretty lights shining all over the place.

I knew going into the game that I wanted to have french fries and a chocolate shake from Shake Shack for dinner. If you go to Shake Shack in Manhattan you'll have to wait on a long line, but in CitiField I marched right up to the counter and had my "meal" in less than 2 minutes. And it was awesome. Their shakes are basically slightly melted custard. So good. The french fries were pretty outstanding as well.

This is Rose, Niki the-birthday-girl-whose-birthday-was-actually-a-month-ago-but-really-i-think-a-month-celebrating-this-girl-is-totally-appropriate and I wearing our complimentary Mets hats that I'm convinced were given to us so we wouldn't get knocked out by a fly ball or a free t-shirt being launched in our direction. Good thing we all look so awesome in them.

Matt was too cool for his free hat. I wish I was as cool as Matt. He did wear his fancy blue necklace and glowstick bracelet though. So stylish. Actually, since we are both Yankee fans it's probably some sort of sin for me to be wearing that hat. Opps.

If you happened to be watching the Mets vs. Braves game last night you might have seen me on tv! Our seats were in an area that the cameras kept picking up when filming the pitcher. See the little group in the top right of the picture above? Blue shirt, red shirt, orange shirt, white shirt, yellow shirt? That's us. I'm in the white taking a picture of the stadium as it takes a picture of me!


  1. Nice captures!! when I was living in the US I could go to some baseball games, but what I enjoied the most was the hockey on ice! And yeah, why is everything so expensive in stadiums? Definitely they don't want us to get drunk :P


  2. So fun!!! I'm really jealous. :) and now I want a shake. Haha!

  3. Wow, you make baseball games seem so fun! I've never been to one!

    I think it's funny you were taking a photo of the stadium as it took a picture of you. I absolutely love that first photo and I'm going to make sure I go to my first baseball game this summer :D

  4. haha I love how you could find your group in the photo :)

    I'm not much of a baseball person, but going to an actual game is fun! :D

    I also particularly love the first photo. :)

  5. Ah, I wanted to go to Shake Shack so badly when I was in NYC! I've heard it's amazing! I love that first photo, too :)

  6. oh looks like so much fun! :)

    and i LOVE your new design! so pretty!

  7. Baseball games are a blast!! What about the $9 hot dogs and $10 popcorn!?!? Insane!!!
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  8. you and your boyfriend are gorgeous!

    ....and go yankees!! ;)

  9. so much fun! I'm hoping to catch a Dodgers game soon...

  10. How fun! I looks like you had a blast and with friends too! I wish I could go to something epic like that. My life has been work and school lately, nothing more. I'll live through your exciting life, instead. (:

  11. I love how there are little light reflections on your guys' hats. I actually thought that was part of the design. Little starts on hats.

  12. Mmmm, melted custard.

    And, at the last minute, Milwaukee Brewers beat the Mets by 1 run tonight. Woo woo, brew crew :) We tried not to brag too much; our boss is from New York and is a Mets fan.