Ok, I'm Hungry.


I'm writing this post by the light of my computer screen because it just got really dark outside (hello storm?) and I am too lazy to get up and put the light on. I like it like this.

So, I've been hungry for the past 2 days. I'm trying to "eat healthier" and that always leaves me feeling hungry. I'm not very good at making healthy food choices so I end up making less food choices.. meaning I eat less.. probably less than I should be eating. Which is quite the opposite of the way I normally eat (way too much.)

I kept coming across food posts last night in my Google Reader. That made me more hungry, but a few of the food posts were about healthy food that looked awesome! Helpful. Unfortunately, I read these posts late last night and didn't want to sleep on a full stomach so I willed myself to sleep and here I am now ready for some deliciousness.

Lisa, from Suburban Heart wrote about a yummy sounding salad that also sounded pretty filling. She suggested putting together all the leftover vegetables you have in your fridge to make a snack instead of eating something from a bag.. easy enough. Her's had cilantro so she wins, but I tried my own little concoction (in a full-on lunch version) and although it was missing my favorite ingredient (cilantro) it was pretty darn good and I am currently full! Hallelujah!

I used an orange bell pepper, 1/3 avocado, a few slices of cucumber, some cherry tomatoes, lettuce, a little bit of pepperjack cheese and I sprinkled it with some lemon and extra virgin olive oil instead of salad dressing. Delicious.

Another recipe (that involves more cooking-ahhh!) that I marveled over last night was put together by Rach at California Pretty. Her's was a healthy recipe for PIZZA that I realllllly want to make.

Finally, I also read this post by Kai at All Kinds of Complicated about detox dieting and why it is not right for me.. or for Kai! I don't like to feel hungry all the time.. miserable. I think most of us have been there though, right? I know most of my friends and I have! and again.. miserable!

I think eating healthy is about making the right food choices, but not going crazy. I want pizza to have a spot in my diet and although I've gone 2 days without chocolate or Snapple, I know I can't do that forever. That's not practical.

*****Call to Action (haha yup that's what I said)
Have you guys written or seen any posts about food tips, healthy eating habits, exercise or healthy recipes? Plllease link me to them! I need more motivation and ideas for making this healthy thing a more permanent fixture in my life! Muchas gracias..

AAAAND cue the thunder- storm is officially here!


  1. My Mum is a bit of a nutrition guru. Her advice has often been, 1. Eat protein. It keeps you full longer. 2. If you are still hungry after a reasonable meal, wait 20 minutes. The feeling often goes away. 3. If you want to eat something "bad", have three bites of it. You get the taste without the excessiveness.

  2. i think pizza and desserts definitely can have a part in your diet! as long as it's in moderation :) i don't believe dieting has to be extreme and restrictive. personally, eating smaller portion, drinking lots of water, stocking up on veggies and good snacks along with regular exercise has really worked. for me, life is too short to eat 'miserably' :)

  3. that salad looks great. My favourite ingredient is the avocado!! unfortunately is the most greasy :(
    I need to keep eating healthy too!! so let's try don't give up together!!

    PS: if u want, add me on instagram (my nickname: ariadnawtf)


  4. I feel really bad after looking at your photos. I just had 2 large slices of pizza, I'm off for a jog hahaha

  5. Remember my banana shake recipe???? Do it! It'll be your ice cream replacement! :)

  6. hey girly that salad looks amazing! so luckily for you, I actually am a health nut ;) I started this blog http://adailydoseofdieting.blogspot.com/ 2 years ago, I got overwhelmed with life and quick it last month, but all my old posts are still up can scroll through and check out, AND since we are blogger bff's I can just help you out any questions!?

  7. Hahaha I love you say going without chocolate or Snapple isn't reasonable xD you're the best

    and I'm sorry I haven't seen any recipes :(

    I do believe eating healthier is a decision and it's not easy...organic food and fruits and veggies in general are more expensive than cheap, processed products and American life has become one of convenience. : /

  8. You know if you are planning on eating healthy you don't have to starve you just have to be prepared. Have cut up fruits & veggies ready, make different dips - peanut butter, humus. Make homemade granola. Make sure you don't skimp on your proteins. Up your water intake & exercise more (for me exercising makes me less hungry)!

    I'm trying to get in the habit of eating healthier. I like celery with peanut butter & cranberries.

  9. mmm that looks so good and healthy. I'm usually putting up pics of donuts and chocolate chip cookies or something disgustingly unhealthy haha. I am obsessed with food pictures for some reason. mmmm food porn.

  10. CLIF BARS!!!!!!!!!!! Wait I think you knew that one. ;) Carrots and hummus is one of my fav snacks. Don't worry once my vacay is over I promise to hit fast forward so yours comes quickly!

  11. That salad looks so yummy! I was eyeing something similar on a recipe site on my lunch break today. My fav healthy recipe site is www.skinnytaste.com Gina's recipes are amazing and all healthy/Weight Watchers friendly. Her desserts are to die for! I also recently stumbled upon Katy's blog http://beprettythinkpretty.blogspot.com . She has a lot of fitness and healthy eating tips. And I agree, I am absolutely not a fan of detoxes. For me a detox would most certainly mean a massive food binge when it was over and probably result in weight gain! All of my friends who did detoxes didn't lose weight and didn't feel any healthier. And thanks for the shout out lady!


  12. i don't have any links on hand but i am seeing a nutritionist and she can't emphasize enough the importance of enough protein and calories throughout the day. i have a tendency to restrict and that just feeds into unhealthy eating and more hunger. my solution is a soy protein powder that i blend with some frozen blueberries, a half banana and some water or non-fat milk as a snack. it's good and healthy and filling! let me know if you have any more questions..

  13. props to you for striving toward a healthier lifestyle! i suggest varying your workouts so you don't get bored (i.e. do the elliptical a couple of days in a row, then go for a bike ride or a run the next day... i don't even do this so i know it's easier said than done, haha). also, that salad does look SOOOOO yummy but it's a good idea to work protein into your diet... grilled chicken or tuna are both delicious and keep you fuller longer!

    good luck! get ready for lots of runs together when i get home!

  14. That salad looks good! I think that eating small healthy alternatives is the answer... I cannot go hungry, I am way too moody! Have snacks prepared for the day, that way it won't feel like an effort, kwim?

  15. Me and my boyfriend have come up with some really yummy dishes that also def fills you up; make salmon in the oven and eat with brown rice and small salad, healthy fajitas (put the goodness in lettuce leaves instead of tortilla wraps, and cauliflower mash! Cauliflower mash is really easy to do and so delicious, you can eat it with chicken, fish or steak. google it if you are interested :) Hope you like the sound of some of these tips!

    xo Lisa

  16. Agh. That salad looks amazing. I really should start eating healthier. Especially now that it's almost summertime and I won't really be able to use time as an excuse. This post makes me want to run out to the store today and buy a bunch of veggies.

    Yeah. It's so funny. Sarah and I started blogging around the same time. about 1/2 the time, it's her that takes my photos, though I have a few people on rotation. Haha.

  17. Well you'll probably be okay in terms of cardiovascular strength, however since ellipticals don't provide any sort of resistance it's not comparable to running :( My advice would be to run SLOWLY. I don't care how slow, doesn't matter. People are always concerned with speed but it doesn't matter how fast your run if you can't finish the race. Even if your only running a mile before your race, once that becomes easier on you you'd be suprised by your body's ability to push for another mile :)

  18. yumyumyumyumyummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I saw it on instagram and I am SO happy I am seeing it up here, big size haha I am also on a health fix/journey on my food journal (platterssplatters.blogspot.com) oh, and I am SURE you'll love mynewroots.org as much as me! Great pictures, content and best of all healthy tips!


  19. heyhey! i'm changing my diet, too, and I've pinned some sugar free recipes on pinterest. have a look! I think the most important thing is to be prepared and have fun trying new, delicious, healthy things.


  20. too bad you don't know anyone in dietetics.... ;)

    Lemme know if you ever want some custom advice, tips or recipes!

  21. I ALWAYS want the junk stuff when I'm trying to eat healthy. I think it is just a fact of life that it works that way. blah.

    That salad looks amazingly delicious. Now I want one. ;)

  22. I wish I enjoyed eating healthy but it always leaves me hungry as well. I think you are movtivating me though.Good luck

  23. Oh my goodness, I'm so with you. I tried several ways, like Weight Watchers and protein shakes. But I love eating and I love eating bad things. That is so hard for me, to cut out carbs and sugar... :(

    If you find something that works, make sure to let me know! XO.

  24. Mmmmmm that does sound good. Makes me wanna eat healthier! Being on a college budget doesn't allow me to eat as well as I should during the school year. Yikes...

    And thank you for your comment on my last post! I try to go by your helpful photography tips, but that direct lighting was a fail on my part hehe now I get why it's the worst lighting of the day!


  25. That salad actually looks really good! Yummy!

    <3 Belly B

  26. This salad looks lovely - you've made me hungry now!