Marissa is home for an entire week, yay! I'm so happy to have her back in NY. She lives in Philadelphia where she is a medical school student (she's the mathy/sciency one.)

this is an igloo and i built it myself, no joke.. see?
There's so much I want to do this week. Maybe we won't play in an igloo like we did the last time she was home for an extended amount of time, but I'm ok with that because it means there is no snow which is fantastic. We are going to Manhattan for lunch, taking Boo to the beach to run around, going jogging every day (not my favorite part,) driving out east for a little day trip, and going to dinner for my birthday. I can't wait to take plenty of pictures!

She was in the city for her friend's birthday last night so I'm anxiously awaiting her train.. oh, she's here and she's wearing my purple jacket!

Happy Sunday!


  1. I like blog!
    I follow you! follow me too if you want!

  2. My sister is in med school too lol though I'm sciencey as well hahah xD btw I like that photo of the buffaloes other there -->

  3. i wish i was sciencey haha.. would have made those two bio classes i had to take in college way better! and thaaanks! aren't they adorable? haha.. i love buffalo.. that was in yellowstone np :)

  4. How fun! Obviously your sister is the coolest. All girls named Marisa/Marissa are :)

  5. hahah i'll tell her you said so :) and yeah maris(s)a is a great name!

  6. agreed!! hahaha :) spring break was funnn i want to repeat it.

  7. haha I would of loved to have helped you in bio! I'm nuts about it :) and sweet! I bet Yellowstone is beautiful :D I so need to go out West before I finish undergrad!