Just Because


I really love this little group of pictures. And him, I love him.

My golden birthday is a week from Saturday! (Golden birthday: I'm turning 26 on the 26th) I'm having a little birthday dinner in Manhattan on that Friday with some girlfriends and Matt and I are doing something on Saturday. I don't know what we're doing, but I'm dying to know and he won't tell me.

The other day I was begging him to tell me and after a while I thought I was really going to get the answer so I told him not to tell me no matter how much I begged.. but I still really want to know, but I don't want to know, but I do. That makes sense right? So far I know that we are not going hiking. Other than that it's a mystery. I'm too impatient for surprises.


  1. golden birthday! i've never heard it called that, so exciting! and adorable pictures :)

    your newest follower

  2. yay golden birthdays! mine was last year (25 on the 25th) I am the same way with surprises. Toooo impatient for things like that. Hope it turns out great though!

  3. Ohhhh exciting!!! I love when my husband plans surprises but I hate not knowing what we're doing/secretly love it! Makes no sense... hahha but either way, have fun!!!

    And PS - Happy VALENTINE'S/St. Patrick's Day to you too! ;) hahahaha

  4. makes perfect sense! ;o)
    I am really curious now, too! Hope you'll tell us as soon as you get back.
    and of course, enjoy!!!
    happy weekend

  5. these pictures are too cute!!! surprises are wonderful when they are revealed but a pain to wait for haha. =]

    A. Nik

  6. Adorable!! Hope you had a good bday!

  7. I just randomly stumbled upon this post! Too funny we both had a golden birthday this year! 26 on the 26 for me too! OH! Wait. Nevermind. It was last year. Hahah, I keep forgetting I'm 27 now! Crap!