Dear New Readers,


Hi! I suppose you're all somewhat new readers because this is a new blog! I started this blog on January 19th with this post and since then I've met some very sweet people (yes, you guys!) and it's been a lot of fun. I'm so happy that you're here. I love reading your comments and your blogs.. it's nice to have some communication during the day- the one thing I miss from my 9-5 desk job! Working as an artist for myself can be lonely sometimes, so this blog has been a blessing.

So, I just thought I would let you know what I'm all about here at A Lost Feather (in case you're a super new reader!)

I'm Sarah! I'm 25 years old (26 this month! Whaaaaaat.) That's my dog, Boo Radley in the photo with me. He's the sweetest. I'm an artist and I own this Etsy Shop. I live 17 miles away from Manhattan and have my entire life, (minus 4 years in Rochester, NY for college) but I still can't give anyone walking or subway directions. What I can do is hail you a cab at record speeds- I got you.

Other than random thoughts and happenings, there are a few things I post about regularly on this blog. I'm currently working on a 52 Weeks Self Portrait Project, so every week I post 1 portrait. Winter needs to stop so I can continue this project outside.

52 Weeks Self Portrait Project

I have a list of 100 Things I will do in my life. Some posts are about things I've completed years ago and some are about things I just did that weekend. For the record, that middle image accompanies the post "Camp on the Colorado River," not "drink beer in the center of nowhere."

100 Things

I'm addicted to traveling and love looking back at past trips or planning future adventures. Every week I pick a place to feature and I give suggestions on what to do there and where to eat and shop. As you can see from these pictures below, I mostly give suggestions on where to hike and explore, but I usually have to eat and shop at some point too!


I'm trying to get better at incorporating my artwork into this blog. For now I post projects I'm working on in the Artwork section.


And finally, every week I share some of my favorite photographs on Flickr that I'm in love with for some reason or another. Ah like this one. I so wish that I had either taken this or been that girl. Gorgeous:


That's that! Drop me a line so I can come check out your space! Again, I'm sooooo glad you're here.. thanks for visiting me!

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  1. so glad i found your blog! it's so cute!

  2. im a new reader woohooo! I found you off The Daybook... youre ADORABLE!

  3. i love your blog!! its so inspiring, and i love your photos!!

  4. I just found you but I like you a lot. Keep rocking on :D

  5. I'm sure that was informative but I was lost after that first picture because then I was just all OMG PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!Haha soooo cute!

  6. Came across your blog just the other day and it's lovely. Your photographs are fab!

  7. I love your blog... I'm also new to the blogging world, so we're in the same boat :-)
    Much love

  8. Love the blog breakdown! I seriously love reading each of these sections that you post! :)

    Oh, and YES! Erie, PA! I have mentioned Erie on my blog. My husband is actually from Erie. So I know allll about it. What is your friend's name and how old is he? Erie is one of those small towns where everyone knows everyone. I wouldn't be surprised if my husband knew your friend!

  9. Oh my goodness! You're dog is THE cutest thing ever..well next to mine of course!!

    Meet Virginia Design
    Check out my awesome Ande Monster Giveaway mmmk!!

  10. I must say you have such an awesome blog! Tons of unique ideas. So excited to keep on reading!