100 Things: no. 57


57. Be a Maid of Honor: I was shocked to tears when Alexi asked me to be her maid of honor. She asked me one weekend when I drove up to Connecticut to join her and her family on the wedding dress shopping adventure. She thought it was funny that I was that surprised because I had already known I was going wedding dress shopping with her. In my defense, I know nothing about weddings.. nothing! I didn't know that being invited to go wedding dress shopping meant I was an important part of her day! I thought it meant I had impeccable fashion sense. (haha)

I met Alexi while we were both working at Canon. I had just finished college and moved back home and was feeling very sad that I was no longer surrounded by my friends up in Rochester, NY. I knew a handful of people when I walked into the office on my first day, but I was nervous about finding some friends. I saw Alexi sitting on the other side of my cubicle and my actual thought was: "That girl looks like she's my age. She HAS to be my new friend."

Luckily, she wasn't crazy or anything. She was actually really funny, nice and shared a lot of my interests. We were instant friends. We even shared a lot of the same thoughts and when we met up every morning to grab breakfast from the cafeteria we were, more often than not, wearing the same outfit. Coworkers started asking us if we planned to dress alike each day. (We didn't! Honest!)

Years later we both took this silly online quiz. We were told to pick friends to associate with certain colors that the quiz listed. Out of all the colors and friends we matched up, the quiz told each of us that we were the others "twin soul." I believe it.

I can't even describe how happy and blessed I felt to be her Maid of Honor. I tried numerous times to explain it.. I tried in the card Matt and I wrote her and Dave, I tried in the nerve wracking speech I made at the reception, and I tried again in person. Basically, I was just too happy for words. I love this girl.
It also happens to be Alexi's birthday today!
Happy Birthday Alexi! - I hope you're having an amazing day in your adorable yellow house on the hill. <3

((photo by Aly Martin))


  1. Aww I love this... Thank you my friend.

    i love you twin soul!

  2. Ohhh so pretty! I bet you were an amazing maid of honor :)

  3. beautiful pictures to go with those beautiful words!