a little party and a little road trip


This weekend was a lot of fun. I'm still tired from all the festivities actually. My friend Merry got engaged on Saturday to her boyfriend of 6 years. She is the first of my girlfriends from high school to get engaged! We had a great time celebrating with her at a little (actually kind of big) surprise party that her fiance set up.. so cute.

On Monday I took a little road trip up to Albany with Joe. He's moving there in a week for a new job. I'm so happy he found a job that he's really excited about, but so NOT happy that he's moving away. I guess Albany is only 3 hours from here, but that makes it 2 hours and 40 minutes further then he is right now. Boo.

The drive up to Albany ended up being really easy, (especially for me since I was the passenger) but I was nervous in the morning because it was snowing and I expected it to get worse as we drove north. Luckily it didn't. The snow made the drive really pretty, but I'm still over it.

Joe's new apartment is amazing. Ah, check out those windows in the middle picture below here. So beautiful.

After apartment hunting we toured the city for a little bit. Mostly through the car window because it was freezing cold. I was dead set on seeing the Capitol building so I made Joe drive around for a while searching for it. You'd think there would be signs or something, but no. My phone didn't help much either, but we found it. My life is complete now that I've seen that building (middle image.)

I was impressed by how cute downtown Albany was. I really wasn't expecting much, but it had a lot of character and looks like it would be fun.. in the summer without the freezing.


  1. Wow that apartment looks killer. Like my dream apartment...Jealous!

  2. I just realized you blogged about our trip! Excellent! Thanks for being part of the touring entourage.