100 Things: no. 95


95. Do a Self Portrait in Public: If you've taken a look at my current self portrait project you will notice that they are mostly in private places. I get embarrassed really easily and doing a self portrait in public is a sure fire way to get people staring at you.

When I was traveling out west last summer with Marissa I knew I wanted to do a portrait in a wide open space with the mountains in the distance. I figured I could find a nice quiet place, but it rained a LOT and I had to take advantage of the first sunny day we had. Unfortunately (for me) we were right outside of Bozeman, one of Montana's busier cities, when the sun finally showed itself. 

It looks like I'm in the middle of nowhere, but this portrait was actually taken on the side of a busy 70mph road.

It was quite a site for the audience driving by. Marissa stood by my camera which I had to prop up on 2 suitcases because my mini tripod wasn't able to get the job done on it's own and I was balancing myself on a tall wooden ladder (trying not to wince in pain.)

I'm glad I got this shot even though it didn't come out exactly how I had imagined it. I wanted it to be more obviously unnatural. (It kind of looks like I'm doing some sort of gymnastics move, but trust me, I'm not because I can't.. although if I could that would be nice.)

I still have 47 portraits to shoot before my current project wraps up, so we'll see if I get the nerve to do another one in public. I'll be avoiding that situation as best I can.


  1. Pretty neat shot! I need to do self portrait shots so I am in pictures.

  2. Don't be embarrassed to do your self potraits in public...your photos always come out amazing!

  3. That is so cool! You look like you're floating!
    Fascinated as to how you actually did that ;-)

    Self portrait shots are always difficult to do, but by pushing the comfort levels and boundaries you learn so much too!
    Can't wait to see more

  4. This is a great shot! I honestly thought you were doing a backflip and I thought to myself.. I wish I could do a backflip like that! Haha

    None the less, amazing photo! LOVE the scenery! I would never guess it's on the side of a busy road.

  5. Can't believe there's a busy road near this spot..it's so pretty there! And I love the picture! Ah, taking pictures in public spaces is such a big deal for me...
    And also, I was so inspired by your 100 things list! I'm going to post my 25 things next week :)

  6. :) thanks everyone! you're so sweet! and Diana i can't wait to see your list!