100 Things: no. 65


65. Go to the Big E!: I finally made it to the Big E (a huge fair celebrating all of New England) this past September. Going to the Big E was just one of those things that I knew I had to do at some point. I can't really explain it.. I get sudden urges to go to certain places. I have the same issue with Banff National Park in Canada.. I have to go there and I decided this after seeing 1 image in a newspaper clipping.

The Big E was everything I hoped it would be. A giant fair. GIANT. It takes up 175 acres and in 2010 1,228,418 people attended during the 2 weeks that it was open. 

My favorite part of the Big E was that I was there with Matt, Niki, Mel and Bill. The fair is in southwestern Massachusetts so everyone had to travel for it. Niki came in from CT and Mel and Bill drove out from Boston. I don't get to see that Boston crowd as often as I'd like, and even though we planned to meet there, seeing them walking through the crowds at the Big E was surreal, funny and perfect.

While we were there we ate tons of food, walked around for 6 hours checking out the attractions, posed for a picture on a very large chair, and rode 1 ride. If it were up to Mel and me, we would have ridden 0 rides, but we were out numbered. I know it was just a carnival ride, I mean, how scary can a ride be when it's small enough to be moved from location to location? Actually, that's what makes it so terrifying.

I screamed during the entire swirling/ crazy/ spinning ride, so I couldn't hear much else, but I did manage to hear Niki screaming "Look at Bill! Look at Bill!" I managed to open my eyes to see Bill (who was one of the ride enthusiasts) holding his hands over his face. I didn't know why he was doing this, but assumed he was feeling sick because I know I was. Turns out he had a great time on the ride but his glasses were in danger of flying away so he had to ride the entire thing with his hands over his face to keep them on. Aaaammazing haha!

I love the Big E and crazy adventures and friends.

p.s. Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Looks like such great fun! I love the leopard print sofa!
    Happy Valentines Day :-)

  2. I live pretty close to Banff! It is a beautiful place and surprisingly ALOT warmer then on the prairies! This looks like so much fun, I can't wait for the summer festivities to start up again!