I've been drawing flowers like crazy lately. Some are for orders and some are for fun because I just love flowers.

Other than obsessing over flowers, I've been job hunting and working on a makeover for my Etsy Shop. I want it to have more of a wedding focus. I think this idea might have something to do with the fact that soooo many of my friends are getting married these days and many of them have asked me to design or illustrate things for their weddings. Working on these projects for my friends has made me realize that I really like designing for weddings.

Then there's that job hunting thing. While I really like working freelance, I do miss working on a team! I'm ready to get back into a 9-5 (or whatever it might be) job with a commute and co-workers. If I can find a graphic design job that includes illustration I would be so thrilled. Or an illustration job that includes graphic design! I'm not picky.