if you asked my iphone...


..what a full day in Montauk looked like, he would say it went something like this...

7am. Watched the sunrise from the living room window, bundled up and headed out into the chilly weather.
8am. Drove around town photographing some old family photos in the spots they were originally taken. (more on that tomorrow!)

10am. Met up with Kate (who didn't want to wake up at 7am on vacation) and went for a jog/bike ride around town.

12pm. Brunch at John's Pancake House. (We ordered the same exact meal, which included chocolate chip pancakes, 2 days in a row.)
2pm. Headed over to the docks to do a little shopping and meandering. Since it's already November, most of the restaurants and shops are closed for the season in this little beachy town.

4pm. Rode our bikes out to the bluffs. Watched the sunset and then tried to race back to town before nightfall, but didn't quite make it.

8pm. Made it back home (away from home), enjoyed some leftovers for dinner, and drank wine by the fireplace.

1am. (or so) good night!


  1. What an awesome time line and the photos are gorgeous!
    Really thinking of making the swop from Blackberry to iPhone! Hmmm...

    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  2. Montauk looks beautiful! My only association with this town is from Friends when they all head to a beach house owned by a massage client of Phoebe's and when he finds out that's where they're going, Joey says 'Bonnie had sex in Montauk!' :)

    All the pictures are lovely but I think the top one, sunrise, is my favourite.

  3. looks beautiful! toasting wine by the fireplace = perfect!

    Katie x

  4. That brunch looks so delicious! All the photos are really beautiful too :) Have a nice day :D

    xx Seph

    ps. im hosting my first give-away, come by :D

  5. love love love! I especially love the idea of taking a photo of a photo in the spot it was originally taken :)

  6. YUmmmm I love chocolate chip pancakes! Sounds like the perfect day. I'm so excited to get away this weekend, I need it!

  7. your day looks so lovely! i'm excited to see the rest of the family photo series, how cool!

  8. What a perfect day! Especially the wine by the fireplace part. Jealous!!!!
    I just love the family photo idea, can't wait for that post.

  9. what an awesome day! can't wait to see the photo's that you are taking! sounds perfect!

  10. all of these photos are just so beautiful! looks like a magical place. that picture of you holding the photograph reminds me of that one commercial. i'm sure you know the one, ha
    xo TJ

  11. I love Montauk so much! A good, good friend of mine has taken me a few times. I only wish I lived close enough to go often!

  12. def loving these photos!!


  13. Great photos. Everything looks so nice.

  14. what a lucky iphone! They're all so lovely and I'm sure filled with some super awesome memories :)

  15. I've just lived vicariously through this post for the last 30 seconds and it was such a good break from my studying! Just found your blog and am in love, Montauk looks beautiful, you really capture the magic in such precious moments xx


  16. the fireplace is amazing! i would be so happy to drink wine by it all cuddled up :)

  17. Where/when did you get that sweater you're wearing in the first pic?? I love it! And i'm pretty sure this post is awesome.