Hiking Mount Taurus, NY


Yesterday morning Matt and I drove up to Cold Spring, NY for a much needed hike. Cold Spring is one of my favorite little towns on the Hudson River and it's a hub for tons of great trails. Yesterday we did a 6 mile roundtrip trail to Mount Taurus in about 3 hours. It would have taken less time, but we lost the trail twice.. ok that, and I was kind of slow yesterday.

The leaves look like they might consider changing colors in the next couple of weeks. As we continued out of the sun and into the forest I noticed some bright colored leaves already resting on the ground. I hope we're able to hike during the peak of the changing leaves.. they're so beautiful- definitely one of my favorite things about fall.

There were so many dogs on the trail yesterday. I wish Boo was a good hiker. I would love to have him on the trail, but he isn't too keen on walking long distances. It's a struggle to get him to walk all the way around the block at home- a mere 1/2 mile. We even saw a tiny Yorkshire Terrier and once Matt and I saw a Pomeranian hiking on a trail that was definitely not easy at all. Maybe Boo just needs to man up.

We've been on a few trails this year hoping to get a glimpse of the Manhattan skyline from some viewpoints, but never managed to hit the points on clear days. We finally caught a break in the clouds yesterday and saw the skyline far off in the distance. We were pretty excited about it.


  1. That is exciting to see! Wow. My dog was like Boo too. She hated going anywhere, and hated walking for long periods of time. She would just stop when she got tired and either turn around and go home by herself, or make you carry her. haha! What a beautiful hike!

  2. That's beautiful! I would love to go on a hike, but there aren't any places to close to where I live. Maybe one day though.


  3. Great photos! I love how you were able to see the skyline again! And I understand with Boo, though I don't have my own dog, I saw three yesterday walking without a leash a few meters behind their owner. The last one soo didn't want to keep walking. He was a little pudgy corgi :) lol xD I hope he enjoyed the trail b/c it was long! Maybe try Boo out for a shorter distance? A little more than the half mile he usually does haha!

  4. Gorgeous photos... so funny to hear you talking about leaves changing colour and falling...while our trees are all budding and growing!
    You've inspired me... going to do a hike soon
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  5. I love hiking in the fall because then you get to see the leaves change the higher the elevation you go :)

  6. It's always great to just get a breathe of fresh air! LOVE your shots. Looks like a great hike.

    Happy weekend!

  7. Boo only has little legs and a super long body, he can be excused from the hiking. Ooh, maybe you should get an extra dog just for hiking purposes?? Haha, not sure Boo would be impressed!!

    These photos are gorgeous, you are really making me want to go hiking. I was looking forward to maybe doing it this spring... but summer has arrived early and it's way too hot!!

  8. Perhaps I should loan you my pup. He's done up to 11 miles before. Although 6 miles is more his speed.
    And what a spectacular view. I suppose I have another place I'll need to visit now that I've completed the Yosemite trip.

  9. That looks like it was a gorgeous hike! I think you're required to go back when the leaves are changing; I bet it's breathtaking.

  10. The third photo is my favorite. ^_^ Hiking is wonderful~. <3

  11. Haha, poor boo! At least he's got the looks ;)

    And that view is amazing! Skylines are one of my favorite things about cities!

  12. Great photos! I love hiking and how you can get outdoors and see something new!

    Hope you have a good week!

    xo, gina


  13. yay soo pretty. I've been wanting to get out hiking again lately. I think it's definitely due to the changing seasons. Fall makes me want to be outside all the time!