Last Month in Instagram Snaps


July! Welcome.

First, (this is fun and you can play, too! keep reading..) I wrote a list of 10 things that make me reaaaalllllly happy and you can find it here on TJ's blog along with a photo from my Yosemite trip that also happens to make me very happy. Anyway,  every week TJ publishes a list of 10 things that make one of her readers happy. You should definitely become one of her readers and send her a list of your 10 things, too!

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.. Mmm, yeah last month. I normally post "Last Week in Instagram Snaps," but somehow June just got away from me...

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1. coffee.  2. Memorial Day Fair (ok this was the last day of May, you got me)  3. Lilly Pulitzer for Animal Crackers?  4. just me.  5. banana, peanut butter & honey for lunch.  6. sun through the trees.  7. boo gets a bath.  8. flat iron building.  9. mets game.  10. rose.  11. fluffy birds.  12. boo sunbathing.  13. i love nutella.  14. i also love boo.  15. and watermelon.  16. oh and red mango frozen yogurt.  17. crazy thunderstorm coming in.  18. boo guarding my stuff while i pack.  19. catch ya later ny.  20. mid-air.  21. toms on the airtrain in san fran.  22. convertible upgrade.  23. half dome.  24. giant sequoia and i.  25. rock climbing guide setting up our ropes.  26. toms in the convertible.  27. cheeseburger from in 'n out burger and if you're reading this you get a gold star.  28. looking down on lombard ave in san fran.  29. lunch by the water.  30. bye california.  31. sleeping a lot from jet lag.  32. train to brooklyn.  33. brownstones. i want one

I'm still busy going through my photos from our trip to California. I have plenty more to say about that. I'm kind of glad I didn't bang out 5 posts about that trip as soon as I got home.. it's nice to relive little parts of it over time. If you haven't seen the first few posts and you're interested in photos from Yosemite you can see..

a video I made here, a collection of road trip photos here, and a bunch of hiking photos here.

Happy Friday! / long weekend! / 4th of July!


  1. nice photos! i love that nutella picture because i loooove nutella, too! and boo after his bath because he just looks too funny. great collection!

  2. What a wonderful month, Sarah. And it's cool about falling behind. We all do at times! Once school starts again, I will definitely not be as active as I am now. Hiatussss cittyyy haha!

  3. Omgosh I can't get over how cute all those photos are! I need need need to download this app. like NOW! This is ughh presh!!! Love your blog btw :) Newest follower~ Thanks for stopping by mine and your sweet comment! Your the greatest!

  4. I looked at the pics first and spotted the burger and im like yup that's a IN N Out Burger and then i read and Californian's know their burgers..LOL
    My favorite has to be boo getting a adorable! Total Cuteness!
    Great Post!

  5. I love these photos, they look so good put together in a grid like that.

  6. Loooove the nutella with the heart. Sums it all up really :)

  7. 5. totally going to try banana, peanut butter & honey for lunch today.
    7. sooo cute!
    13. i love the heart in the nutella :)
    20. this is going to sound lame, but i wondered about using an iphone on a plane as i'm going on holiday soon - are you allowed to turn phones on during flight now? i hoped so!

    great pics!

    Katie x

  8. so many thingss you did :P

  9. Cute cute cute! I super love the one of the sausage dog! <3

    Lost in the Haze

  10. I was waiting to check on the instagram pictures (i like how they look). i'm glad you also had a great june. and now, more to come...

    having my parents with me was awesome, now it's back to home alone again (plus my housemate but he's so quiet that you can barely notice him hehe).

    have a great and full of adventures month !!!

    ps. ugh, nutella ... yummm with 3 m's !!

  11. aw yay! thanks for the mention girl! love all of these pictures and love following you on instagram!

  12. I just love them! WHat's your favorite filter?

  13. Ooh, I love instagram posts! I did one recently on my blog from over a few weeks. It's so fun! I think I like the 'toaster' filter best :)

  14. Nice pics! Boo's hair after a bath is too funny. Happy 4th weekend (without sparklers, BOO!)

  15. I love Nutella too! Where I live (Belgium) breakfast is not breakfast if there isn't Nutella :p

    Great pictures!