It Can Be a Challenge to Just... Be


When I saw that the theme for the Photo Share hosted by Lauren of Outside Voice, was "challenge," I knew I wanted to participate.

When I think of a challenge my mind tends to zero in on the physical kind of challenge. I think of hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding, running- activities that I've done and can look back on and say "that was hard/scary/freezing/miserable, but I did it."

I then thought about this photo, and how it is one of my favorites. Matt and I looking out at El Cap and Half Dome. We're just standing there, doesn't seem very challenging now, does it?

In a way it is.

In today's world we are so connected all the time- cell phones, internet, e-mail, facebook, twitter, blogs.. it's become somewhat of a challenge for our generation to just be. Just stand still and soak in the world around you- the world that's going on while we're typing away.

Don't get me wrong- I love typing away. I also think it's important to put down the phone every now and then. We don't want to miss a view like that.

p.s.  What photo would you use to describe the word, "challenge?" Link up with Lauren and let us know!

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  1. Love that picture! I can't wait to visit Yosemite; it looks so beautiful in pictures and I have no doubt that it's even better in real life. And I completely agree with you - sometimes leaving civilization behind is a challenge! It's rewarding but not always easy to do. I love technology but at the same time I hate how tied-down it makes me feel.

  2. It's funny that you would mention "just being" today. I finally got sick of being attached to the computer, so I made some iced tea got a beach chair and just sat in the front yarn for an hour and a half. It was lovely.

  3. I really understand what you mean, Sarah...esp. with what I just wrote about blogs and recently my brother said to me that my generation doesn't remember there's life outside of technology.

    It's really, really true.

    Personally, I take out a lot of time in my day for exercising - running, walking, hiking, feet things lol xD yesterday I had to just go off by myself for 4 hours because I was so sick of everything. I just needed to be and that is getting harder and harder to do when peers make it seem like you have to be constantly on FB or texting or something to be considered socially normal.

    It's exhausting!!

    And I feel ya on the politics! Lolz! I just don't bother haha it's too difficult! And I did ask you a question about the pages thing...and it worked, but I'm wondering how you can get different formatting and if it can automatically sync up to new posts?

    I think i may e-mail you, Sarah! Too long of a comment! D:

  4. I know how you feel, so, so much. It's actually a real challenge to slow down, appreciate things, and live in the moment. I'm always reminding myself to do this, especially because I'm the type of person who is always focused on the future!

  5. You make such a valid point! We're so busy that we don't seem to take notice...
    It reminded me of a post I wrote... take a read:

    Have a beautiful day
    PS>Thanks for the mail - you're an angel!

  6. This is the best challenge anyone can take. And the most difficult one as well.

    It's not only challenging to stand up and close the computer or shut the telephone, but to give a step back and start looking the big picture. I mean, how many times we got immersed in what we are doing and dealing (work, home, family) that we don't take a breath and see the bigger picture: that our life is right there and we are just so concentrated in answering a text or writing an email that we miss those moments.

    I seriously love this post. Your photo really says too much with just the word "challenge" on it. Good one!

  7. Oh and Thanks! I'm feeling much better now. Bit of pain but I'm ready to get out of my house now :)

  8. i was just talking to a friend about this today - it's a big challenge. we all need to get away, take a breather, but are sometimes so consumed that we forget to. this is a great post - thanks for the reminder!

    also, you have a great blog! xo, danielle

  9. Your right! Just standing there IS a challenge. We all need to take a 'break' and 'be'! Great advice!

  10. I totally agree! When we were standing there looking at that same view, tons of people were just coming off the buses and looking at the view for a few seconds then getting back on the bus to their next tourist destination. It was kinda sad :( This place needs days of just gazing & soaking in all its glory :)

  11. Just be. I like that!! And that photo is just gorgeous. You couldn't be more right. We are becoming more dependent on the things around us. We need to get back to nature and just be.


  12. I totally agree, as challenging as it can be it's also so freeing to step away from technology for a few days. P.S. one of my co-workers got a half dome permit for this fall. So jealous!

  13. ...oh girl, can it ever be a challenge! I love that you took this stance... this is one of my main challenges too lately (and should be for all of us, every day!) great point of view you have expressed here... and with a gorg photo. Love how the two of you are looking up at the challenge like this!
    Thanks so much for linking up, I appreciate it:)

  14. Sarah this is so amazing, I am always inspired by your posts! So I made to the Grand Canyon (yeiiii) - thought of you on my way there and felt in love with all the nature beauties... I couldn't help but walk barefoot, I wanted to touch the rocks, I wanted to feel the energy, I sat down to pray and meditated, I tried to absorb the immensity of those views - and not just pose for a great picture... Must confess I did keep my iphone at all times to snap pics to send to my family in Rio at real time but overall I really felt connected and blessed to witness the fabulous canyons...
    So thank you for inspiring me to make this trip!

    Hugs & kisses from Rio!