Afternoon at the Beach


Marissa and I decided to take a break yesterday and drive down to the water. One of the perks of living on Long Island is that you are never more than 10 miles from the beach. This is a great thing for me because I am not the kind of person that can sit on the sand for more than an hour at a time. I get restless, but I do like the idea of lounging on the beach.

I started re-reading the Harry Potter series the other night and continued at the beach. It is so good. J.K. Rowling is a genius. I'm pretty sure I had dreams about being at Hogwarts last night. I suppose the dreams were also a result of seeing the last movie, which we saw last night. I'm so sad that it's over. I'll just keep re-reading the books and watching the movies forever. When I have kids they are also going to be obsessed with Harry or we will have a problem.

You hear that future children? You will love Harry Potter. And Winnie the Pooh for that matter. 


  1. haha! Oh my kids will FOR SURE be Harry Potter fans. And yours and Renee's instagram Harry Potter pictures inspired me to start all of them over again! :D I think we're going to download the audiobook and listen to it when we drive through Canada. :D

  2. what a perfect day for the beach :) I think what's so great about HP is the dreamy quality of the books especially the first one. :) granted there is action but who doesn't want to be plucked out of life and told they can do magic.

  3. i'm the same - i can't spend too long on the beach, but i do love the idea of doing nothing :)

    never got into harry potter, although it seems like i'm the only one! i've seen the room that jk rowling lived in at uni though since we both went to exeter (uk) university, one of my friends was staying in it - & she was a big fan of her books :)

    Katie x

  4. beach days are my favorite. i'm glad you were able to get away for a bit! i just recently got into harry potter, and so far so good!

  5. Ah winnie the pooh is a classic and something my parents drilled into me as a kid. hehe.
    I haven't watched harry potter since the 2nd movie (shame!) and I stopped at book number 5 I think. I am just going to clear my schedule for a week and watch all the dvd's back to back eventually.
    I have yet to even go to the beach this Summer. I am so mad about that! Hopefully I'll get down to Long Island soon.

  6. Ahhh the beach. Can't wait for the non-stop rain to end here so I can take advantage of the one just down the road!!!!

    Haha, looks like we had he same idea, except I can't start the Hp series yet because I already strung myself on another one a few weeks ago (Hitchhikers guild to the galaxy, so its all good)

  7. I'm in the middle of re-reading the series too! Cannot get enough of it. And I'm so jealous of you being able to go to the beach, I'm sick of winter :(
    Carla xx.

  8. Lovely photos. They have a real vintage feel to them. I love the beach but unlike you, I can spend hours there: in and out of the water, reading, sunning myself. All of it, I love it. God, roll on summer!! I am so sick of winter!)

    I love the idea of reading all the Harry Potter books again. I haven't seen the last four movies but plan to watch them all so I can see the final movie at the cinema. I feel I should.

    My children will love Harry Potter too. And if they're girls, they will love Anne of Green Gables. It has been decided already and no further discussion will be entered in to.

    P.S. I have the travelling journal and it's almost ready to send out! See my latest blog post if you are still interested!

  9. Yes! Harry Potter and Winnie the Pooh are a must! So jealous of your beach day. I would've looovved to have been at the beach today.

  10. I already have a box of books put aside for my future children. I hope they will love all of the stories that I loved as a kid... and a big kid (yes, I still re-read the 'Little House' books regularly, what of it?).

    Mm, sitting on a sunny beach right now sounds like the best thing ever. I work right next to the beach and love it there, except for all the people! I need a private island~

  11. What's the charm on your necklace? I spent FAR too long staring at it, trying to work it out!!! Please put me out of my misery and let me know :)

    Everyone on blogger is posting beach photos, I'm feeling jealous of the summery goodness you guys are experiencing!!

  12. oh how i miss the beach! and summer! it's so cold here !! I envy your wavy-summer-beach-hair ... mine is so straight that the only way to get that look is if I do it in front of the mirror and lasts for 1 minute.

    My harry potter books are back home, which is a bummer because I've been wanting to re read them since I came to Australia. But it's not light to pack them all. I believe I will read my kiddo The Little Prince and once he can read by himself I'll teach him the wonderful world of Hogwarts. He's going to be an old school kid. Haha.

  13. of course it's a unicorn!!! It's so obvious now I know! I thought of unicorn because I could kind of make out a horn but then I spent more time concentrating on what turned out to be the back end of the unicorn. Thanks for getting back to me and solving the mystery, meaning I don't have to lie awake at night, wondering what the charm was.

  14. these pictures are adorable!! i'm so jealous of the sun! and just the ability to go to the beach because of the nice weather.

  15. I am yet to read the books - purely because I'm so scared I'm going to get hooked hahaha!
    I'm going to the beach tomorrow... flying down and can't wait!

    Hope you're well lovely,
    Love B

  16. I'm wooting on the inside for you and Marisa spending time at the beach! I've still never been to one, but that WILL change!! Soon. Maybe. One day. Lolz!

    And ahhh, yay! HP!! :D I'm so glad you saw the last movie! The books are pure genius and are better with each re-read. <3 LOL at your forewarning to your future children!!!!! xD!! <3 you're the best, Sarah, keep on lovin' HP! And Winnie the Pooh!! :D omg, I need to post my Winnie the Pooh plush, I'm not a 20 yr. old fan of a teddy bear that eats honey...:P

  17. Oh my god, your photos are amazing!!!