It Was an Outside Kind of Day


I guess when I said I'd share more film from the roll I developed "later this week" I meant now. It's been so nice outside and it's hard to resist photographing things like clouds and blooming flowers. Oh and Boo. I have a really hard time not photographing Boo.

These are some film shots with the Canon T70. I'm kind of falling in love with that camera. I bought a bunch of film yesterday.. I had to buy a bunch because I couldn't find it sold in smaller packs. They only had the economy size, or whatever it's called- 4 rolls. I would have been happy with 2, but 4 is even more fun.

I love working outside. Although I admit it can be a little difficult to concentrate on work when I'm laying on a pretty turquoise beach towel that Boo keeps trying to kick me off of. I am much more productive on the porch swing in the shade. That's where I am right now, happily typing away in the comfortable breeze.

These next few images were taken earlier today with my Diana lens on my Canon Rebel. Did you know they make adapters so you can use Diana lenses on digital slrs? I really, really wanted a Diana, but she's just not in my budget right now. I got one of the lenses for Christmas though and the adapter thing works wonderfully.

Mmm, I hope tomorrow is just as beautiful, although I think it's supposed to keep getting hotter. I'm ok with temperatures in the 80s.. 90s might be pushing it.

I've started a new routine of jogging and then bike riding in the evening. Ok, I can't call it a routine just yet since I started yesterday, but I'd really like to make it a routine because it is so much fun and relaxing. Well, the bike riding part.. not so much the running. That's straight up dreadful actually.

I really want Matt to have a bike so we can go bike riding all over the place. My dad used to have an awesome vintage royal blue Schwinn which he gave away. Boo. And what's even more "boo" is that it got stolen from the guy he gave it to about a week later.

This post is really all over the place. Just in case you hadn't noticed that..


  1. Haha keep doing your new routine or soon to be routine :)

    these look great btw!

  2. love your photos! I found out about those diana lens' on photojojo recently and although I do have a diana I do not use it and love your photos...i think I need to start using mine more instead of lusting over a diana lens!! :)

  3. Yay to film! Great flower shots :)

    I just recently tried out my Diana after a year of just sitting in my bookshelf, and I absolutely enjoyed shooting with it! I like how the photos came out as well :) You should really get one!

  4. lovely pictures! looks like a lovely morning. that moving picture effect is Awesome I love it!!!

    House of Shoes

  5. outside days are THE BEST.

    and gorgeous photos. as always.

  6. Oh btw...v8 fusion = win

    and have you tried the spicy v8? I have and I don't know what to think about it. It's like putting Tabasco in tomato soup hahah xD

  7. Haha I hate running too! I force myself to do it because I'm too cheap to join a gym. I would really love to get into biking. My mom has a beautiful cannondale road bike that she doesn't use anymore, but I feel so awkward being so hunched over the handlebars-I feel like I'm going to fly off. One of my work friends bike rides religiously and she has a bangin body-so I'm determined!

  8. Beautiful photos! I miss film!

  9. I love that!! I saw a bunch of pics like that last one on another blog yesterday. So fantastic!!

  10. good eye. i am soo thrilled to have found your blog, your work is beautiful- love the tones in your pics x

  11. I'm sitting wrapped up in a jersey and a blanket... freeeeeeeezing here in South Africa.
    We're having the craziest winter.
    This makes me dream of warm Summer days! The pics are so gorgeous and I love the idea of bike rides together. So romantic :-)

    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  12. I love reading your blog because I always find out about new (to me) photography related things. Of course I had to go Google a what a Diana camera was. And of course, now I want one. But first I am forcing myself to learn how to use an old Pentax film camera my Nana gave me. My only experience with "film" has been disposable cameras. I miss those things sometimes.

    And as always, love your pictures!

  13. Wow lovely pictures!!!
    And you have an adorable, dog, I kind of miss my cat at the moment, I'm far away for work and this post reminded my of the time I used to spend with him back home, thanks.
    Have a nice day!

  14. wow I love your blog! I'm following you!
    I hope you will follow me back

  15. Amazing picture, really like it! Your dog is so cute :)

  16. ahh, i love all of these pictures! perfect!!!

  17. What a beautiful post!!! Love these pictures!
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  18. Boo is just too adorable!
    Great Pictures =)

  19. Gaaah I need to shoot more film. My holga is looking sad on the shelf and I have 3 rolls of Kodak 400TX that I had to special order.

    That's a cool idea, attaching a Diana lens to your Canon. I like the .gif of the clouds moving. I could stare at that all day.

  20. I'd really like to do some film photography.
    All your images are gorgeous, really lovely.

    Florrie x

  21. AAAH, the sky is moving! That freaked me out a little. :P

    Love your pictures. Found you via @spinningplates0 's #FF :] I'm @ataviststrilogy

  22. these photos are absolutely gorgeous! i just got back into shooting film, and it seems a little harder to find 35mm around me...i think i'll buy it in bulk when i can find it :)