Lake George in iPhone Snapshots


Well hello! I've missed you! With that whole Blogger issue late last week and then my trip this weekend I haven't been here since Wednesday (when I actually posted the post before this.. silly Blogger!)

My friends, Leah and Rob, got married this Saturday up in Lake George, NY. It was beautiful.. the wedding and the location. Here are a few shots I took with my iPhone starting with the drive..

10 minutes after we left Queens, Matt pointed out that there was something wrong with my speedometer. He was apparently going 108 miles per hour. Well, no he wasn't trying to get us arrested, which is what I thought for a split second. My car had magically switched from miles per hour to kilometers per hour! Scary. 108mph would definitely end badly.. especially over the Throgs Neck Brdige which is where we'd just come from.

Leah looked perfect. Her dress was so pretty and she's just adorable all the time anyway! Rob looked great and was of course, his lovable self. So cute. That view above them is from my seat at dinner. They picked such a fantastic location.. right on the lake. Loved it.

Foggy mountains are probably my favorite thing to photograph. Sleepy mountain towns below foggy mountains? Even better! I think I love Lake George. Unfortunately this fog meant that Matt and I (and all the other wedding travelers) would be driving through some miserable rain for the better part of the day. Oh well, we made it!

Matt and I made a few stops on our way home from Lake George. On a normal day the drive would be about 4 hours, but today it was closer to 8! We stopped 3 times though. First we stopped in Saratoga Springs for some brunch. It was delicious- Max London's, if you're ever in Saratoga.

As we continued on our way the GPS randomly directed us to take an exit towards Cohoes, NY which just happens to be where our friend Joe lives! Joe just moved up to Cohoes (basically Albany) a couple of months ago.. he used to live right between Matt and I. We had to stop.. and using my iPhone I somehow remembered where his apartment was. I was hoping we could just show up and surprise him, but we couldn't get in the building so I had to call and blow our cover. Regardless, it was so fun to see Joe and marvel at his amazing apartment with 17ft ceilings. Ah.

From Joe's place we drove another couple of hours and stopped at Matt's parents' house! They also live along the route so it was great to sit down and chat with them for a bit.

I probably took 50 pictures of our hands like this. It took a bunch of tries to get the image in focus and the cheetah nail polish in the shot. Anyway, that's pretty much what the entire car ride looked like.. and that's one reason that I love car rides.


  1. awww these photos came out so pretty! I still cant believe the iphone takes such awesome pictures!! And your breakfast looks delicious!! I love the hand picute. Very cute. haha taking 90 tries until the pic is perfect is totally something I would do... and then my boyfriend would probably think I was insane and attempt to jump out the window.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend :)

    Weddings are always fun to attend and that town looks sooo cute! The fog and rain makes it surreal and kind of British-y to me. Haha xD

    The waffles = score!!

    Your many attempts at nail polish hand holding photos = adorable :) and that is a sweet cheetah print! I've never gotten my nails done before! :x!

  3. My husband and I have a three hour drive to head "home" where we're from to visit family. The drive there and back is always my favorite part, we have some of the best conversations in the car!

  4. love you nail polish!! Is that the sally hansen rub ons?

  5. Aw! I've missed you!!! Haha! Seriously though!!
    :) looks like it was such a fun trip!! And those photos are so gorgeous of course! I need to spend more time on the east coast!

  6. Lovely :)

  7. It looks so beautiful! Love how well the photos come out on an iPhone!

    What a gorgeous place and I LOVE the leopard print nails!

    PS> I am having my first giveaway! Check it out
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  8. This is my first time to your site, and I think it's great. It looks like you had a great trip wedding and all. Your pictures that you've been taking are fantastic. I look forward to stopping by more often.

  9. That's it. I m getting an iPhone with my upgrade in a few months. You take some of the best iPhone photos I have seen. It just goes to show that it is the photographer that takes a great picture and it doesn't matter if you are using a camera phone or a really expensive piece of equipment. Also, there is contest that they have where you can upload an iPhoto and win prizes. I don't know if you have heard of it but here is the link:

    Some of those pictures are pretty amazing. You should enter some of yours. :)

  10. I love your nails!! I must find a cheetah nail polish

  11. Everyone is wearing these awesome cheetah nails!! I want some! hehe where did you get yours?

    I also love that girls dress! Weddings are so lovely.


  12. the family i nanny goes to lake george every summer. they always rave about it! it looks heavenly. i must go!

    p.s. love the cheetah nails ; )

  13. I love that no matter what the weather does on a person's wedding day, it seems to only make it better. That must be the magic of weddings.

    I love your ring. Awesome.

    Glad you back and made the trip safely!

  14. What an excellent weekend! And the pictures are fabulous. :]

  15. What a beautiful wedding and weekend! :) Love the nails!

  16. Ohh!! That's a really nice place to get married. And I love your nail polish :D

    Btw, it's funny, I was in a wedding this last Saturday too!! but mine, luckily for me, was just 10 minutes driving far away from home. :)

    I'm sure you had a very nice weekend!

  17. What a gorgeous wedding. Looks so dreamy, like it was in a movie or something. I love roadtrips!

  18. That looks so picturesque and dreamy. I will take your waffle and I love that nail polish!

  19. aww..your cheetah nail polish is so pretty!! :)
    i would like to have it like yours too one day ^^

  20. My car does that all the time. Well. No. I knock the button a lot. It doesn't mean I'm driving along reaaaaally slowly with drivers behind me acting really pissed off :D

  21. It DOES mean I drive along slowly. It's been a long day.