Hiking High Tor, NY


Loved this weekend- the world didn't end yesterday and Matt and I went hiking today.. perfect.

We woke up early this morning (ok, not that early, but 9am after getting home from a movie at 2am the night before is early) and drove less than an hour up to High Tor State Park on the west side of the Hudson River. On a clear day you can see Manhattan (23 miles down the river) from the summit, but today was a little hazy. Now that I know the park is there, and so close to home, I'll have to go back on a clear day.. it must be gorgeous.

Despite the hazy weather, we had a great 6 mile hike.

One of the great things about hiking is that (the way I see it) you can eat whatever the heck you want because you burn so many calories. This morning we had bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches. Delicious.

I'm so glad hiking season is officially here. If I lived closer to the trails I'd hike everyday.

In other news, we went to see "Thor" last night.. I really liked it! I didn't like that there was a group of women sitting directly behind us that kept screaming during the battle scenes and talking about their popcorn during the quiet scenes. Luckily, there were some open seats a few rows ahead of us so we moved. Movies are way to overpriced to listen to annoying women chatting during the entire film. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend. How is it over already?


  1. we went hiking today too! it WAS a perfect day for it! your photos look gorgeous, i bet it's even more incredible on a clear day if you can see the city from there! :)

  2. oh my...that looks amazing! and a lot of fun :) hope you had a great weekend!

  3. Hahahaha oh wow! @ those women at Thor lol xD

    sometimes I like renting a good flick at home b/c there aren't the strange ppl like that hehe

    And a BIG WOOT for hiking season, Sarah!! So glad you and Matt went on one! :) The weather is getting better here where I live so I think I may find a trail or two :D

    P.S. - good point about the food!!!! Yay for physically exerting yourself! :D it equals yum!

  4. wahhh jealous of you. My Jamesface and I have been attempting to go hiking for the past 4 weeks and it keeps raining every Saturday!! I keep saying "hopefully next weekend" then it rains again haha. Pretty pictures. =) I'm going to hiking soon. and when I do it will be the highlight of my life.

  5. I somehow stumbled upon your blog. I am new to NYC and would love to know some good places to go hiking/ anything I should do while I am here. I am here for 3 months! Thanks!

  6. what a gorgeous hike!! it hasn't quite gotten warm enough here in SF (in fact, the wind is howling right now as i speak), so i haven't had a chance to do much hiking. hopefully, it warms up soon!

    caroline - pictures&words

  7. Great pictures!


  8. Must be super spectacular on a clear day, lovely photos x

  9. Sad to say, but I don't think I have ever hiked a day in my life. Actually, I know I haven't. But your photos make me want to. My boyfriend would love that (and he would wonder what is wrong with me).

  10. Ugh! Tell me about it, how is it Monday already?
    I think I'll defo have to look up that park for a new place to explore. Nothing beats a good hike.
    Have a great week!

  11. I so agree with you, movies are way too overpriced to sit near loud people, I like going on Tuesdays though, its only $6 :) and about hiking,I have only gone once and fell in love with it. I made it a must to go a few times this summer.

    beautiful photos!

  12. That's IT! I have to go hiking. You're so inspiring!

    Oh that annoys the crap out of me... Talking in a movie! Go for coffee rather and talk to your hearts content!

    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  13. So cool :) Robert finishes with school soon and I definitely want to go hiking/exploring this summer. Why not--I live in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest and haven't really explored much at all.

    Love these photos :) So pretty.

  14. Oh I need to go hiking more often! Well, maybe once, this year to get started! I used to go when I was younger and now I'm out of school and have time! Great pictures! I will be looking at your tips about photography soon! Thanks for that! And also I hate paying for movies and having annoying people around! Good thing you moved!

    Ashley Sloan

  15. These pictures totally make me want to go hiking... what gorgeous views! I feel your pain about movie theaters... the last time we went to the movies we saw Insidious and there were these 4 teenage boys behind us that kept kicking our seats and talking really loud... my husband yelled at them to STFU and then they started threatening to beat us up and kick our heads! Holy shit right.. I had to get a police man to escort them out. Punks!!

  16. We went to see Thor a few weeks ago. Really enjoyed it. And your pics always make me long to go outdoors!! x

  17. What an awesome place! The photos are beautiful!! & I love any excuse to eat a really fattening meal. HA. :)

    I haven't seen Thor, but I'm glad to hear you liked it. I suppose I'll wait for it on my netflix. I hate hate hate when people chat loudly or act annoying in the movie theatre. UGH! I'm going to see Hangover II on Friday, and that audience better be on their best behavior, or else. ;)

  18. Looks like an awesome time and what a view! (also relieved the world didn't end on saturday, I have a hair appt this week so I had high hopes!) x


  19. looks like you guys had so much fun! i'm glad you gave a good review for Thor. i wasn't sure whether or not to see it, but you may have made up my mind. i agree though, movies are way to overpriced to be ruined by those around you.


  20. the hike looks awesome!! I know i'll like to get out wandering or biking around more this summer. If only I didnt have to work so much!!


  21. Sarah you are so sweet! thank you for the cross country tips!
    I am actually going to be out in vegas on June so i thought about visiting the Grand Canyon right after, but regarding crossing the country from cali to NY i might do later this year and I will for sure follow up with you once I have some questions!

    And hey your photos are always fabulous, I am also a huge hiking fan!

    Hugs & kisses from Rio!

  22. 6 miles - i'm impressed! it's such a lovely landscape though, i can see why you'd want to explore it (:


  23. very nice pictures (are all of them done with the iphone? i´m seriously considering to buy one because of the quality of its pictures).

    Very nice hike, I'm sure it really worth the effort of going up the hill when then you have those wonderful views (even if it's hazy).
    And yes, I do the same when I know that I have to do a lot of exercise I like to eat well!! haha


  24. These photos are gorgeous! I need to get a hike in ASAP!

  25. Wow, these are great pictures!

    I love hiking too :)