Bits of the 3 Day Weekend


.. minus the hike.. you guys know I couldn't just lump a good hike in with other weekend events. No, no.. hiking needs it's own post and it will come along later on this evening. uh, tomorrow..

(Just an fyi.. I was finally taller than Marissa when I wore those wedges and she wore flats.)
Marissa was in town for the weekend! I love when she's home. I hate when she's at school.. because that means she's not home.

She's in her last semester of her first year of med school.. 2 more weeks until she's home for a little summer break. Luckily, she was able to get home for Memorial Day weekend because the school decided not to give them a test on Monday. This semester they have tests every. single. Monday. Meaning they have to study the entire weekend. No breaks to go out at night or anything.. kudos Med School students, kudos.

On Saturday afternoon we did an insane workout down at the fields where we used to play soccer as little kids. I thought I was going to die... or at the very least- be sick. We tried to do one of the workouts we remember from being on the high school track team. I can't comprehend how I used to be able handle such grueling pain.. and 6 days a week. I guess I lived, sooo.. I'll try the same tomorrow. Maybe.

After we didn't pass out from exercise we went into town with our parents for dinner to consume all the calories we'd gotten rid of.

On Sunday morning we went on a 5 mile hike and then prepared for a little BBQ. I made the guacamole since it's just about the only thing I can make and I love it so much and I wish I didn't have to share it with anyone because it's delicious. Anyway. I love BBQs. Eating outside is so summery and summery things make me oh so very happy because snow does not happen at this time of the year.. at least in New York. Well, where I live in New York. 

Lovely weekend. There were definitely some cons though. You know how they say bad luck comes in threes? I think that (at least this weekend) bad luck comes in fives.

1. We got lost on our way to the hike causing us to start 1.5 hours later than we planned
2. I twisted my ankle, fell, and scrapped my knee and shin in the middle of our hike on Sunday
3. I banged my head the cabinet when I got up from searching for Memorial Day themed napkins on the bottom shelf
4. I got jalapeño juice under my thumb and pointer finger nails leaving my fingers burning in pain for 8 hours until we called my Aunt Sarah who knows how to cure everything and I sat for an hour with my hand in a bowl of milk
5. I broke my favorite sandals.. the bottom is no longer secured to the top

Important Information: You guys. If you are going to pick jalapeño seeds out of the jalapeño.. wear gloves.


  1. I remember when I use to play soccer in high school and worked out 6 days
    a week and now i can't even work out one
    And your doggy is just so adorable! <3
    Hope you have a better week with a lot of good luck!

  2. Ahh your dog is so cute and definitely big! I saw your comment on another blog about him so had to stop by and see for myself - I have a long haired mini dachshund too. He actually looks a lot like that just tiny! Only 12 lbs. They are such good dogs!!

  3. looks like such a great weekend, with great friends a good food!

  4. I'm glad you had a good weekend other than the con news!! D:

    I saw my sister this weekend too and isn't it just LOVELY? I love having one. :)

    The food looks great and guacamole! I haven't had that in forever. Oh

    I am sorry that your weekend was unlucky at the same that it was good. Is your ankle okay? Not seriously twisted is it?

  5. Looked like heaps of fun! That bbq-ed meal looks absolutely delicious!

    Oh, I've never liked getting lost on a fun trip - it totally sucks out the fun from the day. :\ And I dislike it too when my sandals break when I'm out somewhere. Makes everything so troublesome!

    But still, I'm sure you had an amazing day. :) Take care, S. x

  6. Looks like a great weekend!
    I love those sandals btw :o Super cute and so is the dog :D

    xx Seph

  7. Great pictures!
    Looks like a lovely weekend minus the falling and stuff...

    Cant wait for your hike post ;)

  8. aww I'm sorry about your ankle. I hate when that happens. But it sounds like you had an awesome time anyway :D

  9. Ouch! Sorry about that ankle... and the other misfortunes. But still sounds like a great weekend.

  10. Hi Sarah! I am coming from theshinybubble's feature about you and wanted to say hi, as she suggested. :-)

    You are amazing, go on blogging!

    Greetings from Germany

  11. I am sorry about the ankle :(

    great photos, it looks like you'd a fun weekend

  12. Amazing weekend barring the bad 5!
    Love the pics!

  13. really nice pictures! It seems you had a wonderful weekend despite of the 5 points of bad luck :( I hope your knee and ankle are Okay and ready for more hiking!

  14. Oh my goodness! Your sister must be SO ready for a nice break!

    I love guacamole too! And that whole BBQ looks really delicious. :)

    I always just kind of wake up and go, by the way! Sometimes I even lay out my workout clothes the night before so that I don't even have to think the next morning. haha :)

  15. Hey, that is the same shirt! :) It looks really good on you. I'll have to try the safety pin thing.

  16. Pretty food and pictures! What action(s) are you using on your photos? I really like the vintage look of them.

  17. Ah! Sounds like a lovely lovely weekend (minus all the cons, ouch your finger and your head and your shin AND your ankle, geezeohman!!). Hopefully you're having a little down time to recover! :)

  18. Looks like you had a lovely weekend (minus the tripping, bumping and burning!)

    Carla xx.