Polaroids & Puppies


Has anyone tried the polaroid film from The Impossible Project? These are my first 2 shots.. well, sort of. I'm in these photos, but I carefully instructed the process! Marissa and my dad were the photographers though. I can't decide if we are just challenged at using the film, or if the film is just wildly unpredictable. I guess the main problem is that they are very low in contrast. The originals are even flatter then these versions on screen. Hmmmm.

Marissa is home again! She's been home a lot lately.. which is wonderful. She has a few days off because she just had a final yesterday, but she's off to Miami tomorrow morning to visit her friend. I guessss I'm ok with that since Matt, Boo and I are going up to Connecticut to visit Alexi, Dave and their new puppy! YESSSssss. I can't wait to play with the puppy.. and see them of course!

I'm excited to see how (the now 3 year old) Boo Radley will handle little Finn. Boo was such a little monster as a puppy. The best little monster! This was waht he looked like when I first brought him home...

mini Boo!
Finn! (Photo by Alexi)
Want to see more puppy pictures?! I thought so.. Alexi's blog is full of baby Finn photos right now and how can you blame her? She better watch out, I might try to steal him when I leave on Sunday.

Oh and a random piece of info.. this is post #100! Yay! How did that happen so quickly? Amazing. Well, here it is.. #100!


  1. Yay! Post 100!! And PUPPIES, OMG SARAH, I have a friend who ADORES puppies. Will show her the pics lolz

  2. Love the Polaroid pictures!
    Boo was such a cute puppy...and he still is cute! Finn is adorable as well!
    And yay for post one hundred!!! I hope their are hundreds more to come!!:) :)

  3. Yay post 100! and once again OMG PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha. I can never get enough puppy faces :)

  4. Oh Boo was so cute (and still is)

    Carla xx.

  5. OMG. Overload of cuteness.
    eeeeep! :)

    Congrats on your 100th post!

  6. Your puppy is super cute! :) It so makes me want a dog every time I see his picture.

  7. Congratulations on your 100th post! Boo definitely was and still is the cutest doggie ever! I'm literally squealing looking at these adorable puppies <3

  8. 100, yay! Look forward to the next one hundred and then the one hundred after that :) really enjoying your blog!

    Ah, bless little Boo... he makes me want one.

  9. Congrats on No 100! And on your cute Boo :)

  10. Boo was (still is) SO cute as a little puppy!!!

    And when I read your comment about my video I posted, I laughed out loud. I hope Boo barking was a sign that he liked me!

    Happy weekend!!

  11. yay for 100! and wow, are those puppy photos cute!

    i bought some b&w polaroid film from the impossible project a while back, i'm just waiting to finish the color film i have in the camera now. i can't wait to see how it turns out :)

  12. Last year I used my very last polaroid films but havn't bought any from The Impossible Project yet ... must try it!

    Cute pictures!