Places: Synonym for Vacation? Florida.


Well, for New Yorkers anyway! I would bet money on the fact that the majority of east coast residents have vacationed in Florida at some point in their lives. A trip to Florida makes me think of Disney World. When I was little I thought Disney World was Florida.. in other words, I would have believed you if you told me that Disney World was one of the 50 states. (This would be around the time in my life when I thought I could grow up to be a horse because everyone told me I could be anything I wanted when I grew up.)

Back to the point of this post. A couple of Septembers ago Alexi, Dave, Matt and I flew down to Hutchinson Island, FL for a long weekend. We stayed at Alexi's family's place in a lovely high rise condo. We didn't get to Disney World, but it was a fabulous vacation. The condo was right on the water so we just had to take an elevator down and we were on the beach (which we had completely to ourselves.)

We got in late on the first night so we just picked up the rental car and hung out in the condo. Our rental car (much to the dismay of the boys) was not very fun, gorgeous, or even spacious. It was ugly. Pretty hilarious actually. It gave me a good laugh, so I was ok with it. It gave me an even better laugh when I saw it the next morning in the day light.

All 4 of us were so excited to be in Florida (instead of work) that we hurried down to the beach without sunblock. A few hours later we all paid the price with bright red sunburns. I've been very good at making it a point to never get sunburned, (I'm 50% Irish and my skin is 100% Irish) but I guess accidents happen!

This photo (above) of Alexi always makes me giggle. It looks like Matt and Dave are the hired help in the background! That fruit bowl we made was so amazing. I wish I could eat that right this minute.

We went deep sea fishing one afternoon. I love fishing. Fishing was very much a part of my childhood since my family and I spent our summers out in Montauk, NY- a fishing town. That said, I did not catch a single fish. Not even a fish too small to keep. Nothing! Everyone else caught a fish or multiple fish. Oh well, we didn't need any more anyway. We had plenty to cook for dinner.

The people that took us out on the water also filleted the fish for us which was great because I, for one, know nothing about filleting fish.

I had the best time traveling with them- never a dull moment. This was a relatively relaxing kind of vacation for all of us. Dave and Alexi are extremely adventurous so their trips are full of outdoor activities. Matt's vacations usually have him out on the golf course for as many hours as there is daylight and I usually drive a few hundred miles every day (or at least every other.)

We still did a lot, but nothing strenuous.. it was a nice change of pace.


  • Jan's Place for breakfast- so good
  • Go fishing, catch fish, make dinner 


  • Deep Sea Fishing- So much fun and you can make dinner with whatever you catch! 
  • Lay/walk/play on the beach (I'm not good at laying on the beach for longer then about 15 minutes)
  • Play beer pong. Oh, was that just us?

I can't wait to go on another little trip with them this summer. Hopefully a camping, hiking, climbing trip.. yay!


  1. gorgeous pictures! that beach looks like a perfect place to be right now... or at least daydream about :)

  2. Looks like a great time! I think my next trip will be either disneyland or the maritimes in canada. Maybe both! I can never lay on the beach for to long either...boring!


  3. Oh how I miss the condo!! I haven't been there for years now! Such a great place to relax and do absolutely nothing! So much fun!!

  4. we're in florida right now! but probably going to the keys!

  5. I look forward to hearing those future summer adventures! Thank you for sharing your happy life!

  6. Any holiday is amazing, but holidays with good friends in good places is just heavenly!!
    Reading this post has made me excited for my cruise next week.

    OK, so now not only do I have to go to NYC, but I'm adding Florida to the list too!

    I just LOVE your blog!

    Much love, Vanilla Blonde

  7. No fair! I wish I was able to see all the lovely states you are seeing. It takes eight hours to even get out of California from where I live.

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  9. What a lovely and relaxing vacation! And I absolutely looooove your photographs, from all your posts!

    Just came across your blog through FTLB and I'm hooked and inspired!

  10. the first few photos were beautiful!

  11. Ahhh, these photos make me want to take a vacation so bad! So pretty and peaceful!

    PS-Thanks for your sweet comments on my photos and my hair! I have a lot of hair & it's thick!! Sometimes I want to cut it all off, but I think I'll just get a trim, bangs and some layers:) You are so kind:)

    xx, B from Love Fox

  12. I'm soooooo happy I stumbled upon your blog! I dont get to go ANYWHERE (even though i get 90% off airline tickets because of my job), but NOW I CAN live vicariously through you:) I started following today, hope you can come follow me. I'm a month old baby blogger and I really love followers more than vacation....AND I LOOOOOOVE VACATION. Have a great week! (p.s. I think your blog name is adorable).

  13. Your pictures have such a lovely, dreamy quality about them! Looks like a beautiful trip!!! Jealous! :)

  14. wow, looks like fun! love these pictures, I even saved one of the beach pictures to my computer! I'm dreaming of places like that right now in windy Idaho... :)

  15. Ah these photos look amaazing! Hah I need the sun to come here too

  16. These pictures are beautiful! It seems like you had such a wonderful time, Florida is amazing! I've only ben there once but I have a lot of family who lives there.

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  17. We love your blog! Yeah Florida is awesome.
    xx, take care and have a nice day Luvie :))) , welcome !

  18. great pictures!!!
    thanks for your comment!!!

  19. AWESOME pictures, what camera and editing software do you use?

    it's so pretty!

  20. I'm just in love with Florida! Your blog is really amazing :)... Following you :D