Places: The Athens in Georgia


As I was gathering my images for this post I realized something. In the last 1.5 years I've seen a lot of the state of Georgia which is kind of funny considering that my visits were either out of my hands (planned by my old office) or on a whim (driving across the state to Alabama.) I've been to Atlanta, Norcross, Athens, Savannah, and Perry and I've driven between all of them, too. I just never thought about how much of that state I've seen, but I've been there for a total of about 3 days- probably not even.

I love the south. It's so pretty and the people are so friendly and I love southern accents. Athens was such a sweet college city and I'm so glad I got to visit for a few hours. I especially loved that it was cherry blossom season (late March 2010.)

I was in Georgia for work. I flew into Atlanta, had business in Norcross, and took myself on an adventure to Athens (after the work day was over of course.) While I was there I went for a walk around Athens Memorial Park. I picked the park after taking a quick look at Google Maps in my hotel room back in Norcross. It was pretty and had some nice little trails through the woods.

After my little stroll in the park I drove over to the University of Georgia campus which is right in the center of Athens. I don't know if I've claimed this of other schools already, but that school has the most gorgeous campus. I love how the buildings have such old history and beautiful architecture.

I like roaming around college campuses and pretending I'm a student. It's not like I go around announcing "I'm a student and I go here," I just pretend to myself.. still weird? Whatever, I'm just nostalgic for my college days.

While I was in Athens I wandered over to "Two Story Coffeehouse" and had a great cup of coffee and a pastry. The shop was really cute and if I'm ever in Athens again I'll be sure to go back.

If I had more then 3 hours in town, I would have loved to check out the State Botanical Garden of Georgia and the Georgia Museum of Art. Unfortunately, since I was traveling alone, I wanted to get back on the road before it got too late. I'm pretty sure the night life there would be really fun.

I had another early evening off from work so I took that opportunity to drive back down to Atlanta. I had read about an amazing local/indie art shop/gallery and I just had to check it out. If anyone lives anywhere near Atlanta and you haven't already checked it out.. please get in your car and go to Young Blood Gallery & Boutique as soon as you can. It is entirely phenomenal. You can check them out online as well.. in case you live hundreds of miles away, like me!


  1. Your blog is so inspiring. I want to spend my life traveling and doing what I love most. It is comforting to see/hear/read about others who are making parts of their dreams come true.

    Thank you.

  2. ah! this is where i went to undergrad. next time youre in athens, let me give you some suggestions! you weirdly keep posting about places that i'm connected to somehow

  3. Your blog is like an adventure! Love it!
    Oh I would LOVE to see cherry blossoms like that! Beautiful!

    How do you do the layout of your photos and where did you make your header?
    I'm still new to blogging land and learning slowly. LOL

  4. i love the second photo in this post sooooo much. gorgeous!

  5. love it! I am your newest follower ;) so excited to read more about your travels, jealous!

    lets be blogging friends!

  6. I loooove cherry blossoms. Also I like to pretend to be a student too...even on my old campus. Ha!