Not Quite Spring Break


Since Marissa is home for Spring Break right now I kind of feel like I'm on vacation, too, but I'm not. I guess I could be since I work for myself, but I have my new jewelry line launching in less then 1 month and a bunch of orders to fill! (Ahh!)

I'm pretty much on vacation during the day and not-vacation at night. Marissa went up to bed about an hour ago so since then I've been working on orders and getting things done. I'm ok with it, I mean.. she lives in Philly- 3 hours away, so I am thrilled that she's here for the week hanging out with me! I'm getting a little less sleep then usual, but hey.. isn't that what spring break is all about? Staying up late partying.. or well, in this case- working.

Matt also came by tonight to hang out for a bit. We played Super Mario 3.. yes, it is the most wonderful Nintendo game. I downloaded it on my Wii. Best idea ever! Anyway, he might be able to kick my butt at golf, but I am better at Super Mario 3. That's what matters.


  1. I discoverd your blog because of my bff Annie from "The Other Side Of Trendsetters"... I'm your follower now, luv it <3
    follow me back!

  2. Whoa whoa whoa. You can download old school nintendo games on wii? How! I might actually use my wii more then! I'm no good at these new high tech games :)

  3. speaking of wii golf, did you see amy poehler & tiger woods on fallon. i was DYING laughing for the entire segment.