Try it Out: Facebook Art


This afternoon I came across Phillip Maisel's work after I'd spent hours on my own unrelated and failed photo experiment (oh the anguish.) Anyway, in his project, Maisel used his camera to capture what he saw as he flipped through photo albums on facebook- esentially creating double and triple exposures of the images he clicked through.

I thought his results were gorgeous and decided to try it myself. Here is what I came up with using some of the photos from my own facebook albums:

It took me a while to figure out an exposure setting that would work. After a ton of trial and error I came up with this:  F5.6; 2 to 4 seconds, ISO 100.

Once I figured out the exposure it was pretty easy. Set up your tripod so that your camera is pointing directly at your computer screen. Dim the screen to the lowest amount of light and work in a dimly lit room. Then pick a facebook album and flip slowly from 1 image to the next. My exposures are all double exposures.. I found that, that gave me the best results.

Every image had a thick cyan cast, (my camera acting annoying) so I neutralized the colors using Picnik. (Photoshop is down currently.. more anguish.) Let me know if you try this out! I'd loooove to see!


  1. What a neat project. My favorite image is the mountain silhouette. (Second from the bottom)

    I did a few of my own, but by cheating in photoshop. I now have some great ideas of photos I want to take to later manipulate.

  2. Oh my goodness. So cool! I love the lighting/over-exposure of it all. Very airy and beautiful. xoxo

  3. These photos seriously look so cool. What a great idea.

    And my nail polish... I would call it more metallicy! It's fun to put crazy colors on your nails!