Birthday Part I


On Friday night Marissa and I met Niki and Alana in the city for a little birthday dinner. We went to Dos Caminos on Park Ave and had delicious guacamole, margaritas and tacos. Actually, the guacamole would have been enough.. I could eat guacamole for breakfast, lunch and dinner and be perfectly happy. The margaritas didn't hurt either.

I'm so glad the girls could make it to dinner.. it's nearly impossible to find a day where the 3 of us are all free.

At dinner we were talking about college and how it's been about 8 years that we've known each other. That is so weird to me because I still feel like I just graduated from college 5 minutes ago meaning I've only known them for a 3-4 years. In reality they're old friends now!

After dinner we all broke off in different directions. It was a nice evening for a walk in the city. On my way to Penn Station (where I get the train back to Long Island) I stopped at H&M to kill some time before my train. H&M in midtown is open till 11pm.. crazy. It's funny/convenient how much later everything stays open in the city.

I almost treated myself to some birthday presents, but held back.. I didn't want the 2 margaritas I had to pick out my presents for me. I bet stores that stay open late make a ton of money off of people's drinks doing their shopping.


  1. wheew, belated happy birthday to you! :o))

  2. yipee, happy belated birthday to you! Sounds like a good time :) And I love guacamole too :)