100 Things: no. 26


#26. Bike 25 Miles: Marissa and I went to Burlington, VT for a long weekend 2 summers ago. We spent the entire time hiking, biking and eating. Burlington is such a great outdoorsy town. One morning we rented bikes from a little shop that was right on the trail and off we went.

Biking 25 miles wasn't nearly as tough as I thought it would be, although parts of it were slightly grueling. It definitely helped that the trail ran along Lake Champlain with a gorgeous view of the Adirondak Mountains in the distance. It was so pretty that I might even be able to run a marathon along this trail. Wait no, that is a complete lie.. but it is pretty. Promise.

Most of the trail was paved, which was nice, but at some point the pavement went away and we were stuck with gravel. It's much, much, much harder to bike on gravel, but I guess that means it was a better workout (wonderful. not.) Paved or not, I could have ridden along there for another 25 miles, but there was a cute little crepe shop (The Skinny Pancake) calling our names and it was time for lunch. 


  1. hahaha that was really fun however there were times when i thought my legs were going to stop working mid-pedal, the bike was going to stop for a split second, and then i would topple over. glad that didn't happen. we need to go on more adventures this summer!!

  2. Wow that looks amazing! Vermont is now on the lists of places to travel :)

  3. Gracias por tú comentario!! escribes bien el español ;)

    Besos desde Barcelona!!

  4. Looks stunning!

    Whenever I read about your hiking and adventure travels, it really makes me realize that I'm not very active at all!

    Much love, Vanilla Blonde

  5. after a grueling workout like that, i love delicious food. hah, usually delicious food after a hard run is my motivator.

  6. I love Burlington... maybe we should go there this summer! They have the Magic Hat Brewery there. I've already decided, we're going.

  7. That's awesome! Such a huge achievement for you!!

    Vermont is so pretty I really need to spend more time up there.

  8. Um I love that you are doing this! Totally need to start accomplishing some things too! LOVE the pics girl!

    Meet Virginia Design

  9. By the looks of that first picture, that bike trail looks AWESOME and now this is another place I want to go!!!