Six Confessions


I saw this post floating around last week so I decided to play! (I found it on Liz and Katie's blogs.)

1. i am a chocolate fiend. i once ate a bunch of dark chocolate that belonged to my friend even though i hated dark chocolate (at the time.) she was running around all day trying to find out who ate it all, not even questioning me because she knew i hated it. i was desperate and it was still a form of chocolate. sorry niki.

2. it's a lot easier for me to eat healthy and workout when i know i'm in the middle of a self portrait project.

3. there's a vista in new york's shawangunks called gurtrude's nose. matt and i hiked it last year and wandering around wondering which boulder held the title of "gertrude's nose." turns out we had been standing on it the entire time. oops.

4. a few summers ago i got a mosquito bite that landed me in an emergency room. i had to get a tetanus shot and alana promised me it wouldn't hurt so i wouldn't put up a fight. it hurt. good thing she lied though.

5. i hate needles. i am scared to death of them. i can't even look at them. even writing the word makes me nervous. i'm considering deleting this. i am a child.

6. one morning (at my old job) i jogged across the lobby to grab an elevator before it closed. bad idea. i wiped out. landed on my back, hat fell over my face, purse on the floor, but somehow my coffee didn't spill! i was mortified. i've slipped in public before, but there's something about falling on your butt in front of a bunch of business professionals with briefcases that makes it even worse.

Do you have 6 confessions? i'm sure you do! let me know if you list them out!


  1. Ughhh, the needles! I haaaate them. Hate, hate, hate them! And I can't stand blood either!

  2. Oh I hate needles, & I hate falling!! So not fun! :-/

  3. yeahhh. needles and blood.. pretty much the worst things EVER!

  4. Yay I love reading everyone's confessions! Sorry about the wiping out...I know how you feel.

  5. Caitlin: "Did you eat the ENTIRE bag of Hershey's Kisses??"

    Sarah: "I did it so you wouldn't have to. You should thank me."

  6. hahaha, yup. that happened. i thought it was cadbury mini eggs though?