Artwork: Constellations Over the City


This is one of my favorite things in my Etsy Shop. It's actually quite a production to make, but I'm in love with the end result. You can read more about the materials and the method I use to make it here.

When I look at a map I like to pick out the shapes of constellations I know. They're all there if you look hard enough. Cities and towns mark the stars while streets, lanes and highways connect them.

Here are some examples of past orders..

New York, NY:

Chicago, IL:

Louisville, KY:

When I first created this piece it was of Manhattan, my city. It was over a year ago and I had no idea that I would one day be selling custom versions. Every time I get an order for this (or anything in my shop) I am overcome with happiness. It means the entire universe to me that someone would want to own one of my very own creations.

Ah. sometimes I just can't believe that I've found this place in my life- the place where I am a full time artist, living a dream I was once too afraid to admit I had.
Seriously? Thank God. Thank you.

This last one is a mini version. It shows the Empire State Building, Orion's Belt, and most of the island of Manhattan. It can be found here if anyone wants a little bit of Manhattan in their home!

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  1. Wow.... those are seriously impressive. I have seen map related artwork before but the idea of tying them in with constellations? So many levels of awesome.